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Q: Did the German and Scots Irish settle primarily in the Shenandoah Valley?
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What regions in Virginia did th scotosh and the Germans settle?

ey settled primarly in the shenandoah valley.

What region did the Germans and Scott Irish primarily settle?

In the Shenondoah Valley.(Valley and Ridge)

Where did Scots-Irish primarily settle?

they settled in the valley and ridge region

Which valley did the Aztecs settle in?

The valley was called Tenochtitlan

Where did mennonites first settle?

The Mennonites first settled in the state of Pennsylvania. The Mennonites who first migrated over to the United States were primarily of German ancestry.

When did the Aztecs settle in the Mexico Valley?


Why did the lenape settle in the Delaware river valley?

why did the lenape settle in the new jersey area

Where in India did aryan settle?

Ganges River Valley

What region did the the Scots-irish settle in?

valley and ridge

What valley did the early people in India settle along?

The Ganges river

Where did the German immigrants settle in the 1800s?


Where in India did the people settle?

Hindu Kush mountain valley