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Did the Nazis outlaw religion?


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No but they did arrest and imprison anyone who said that his religion disagreed with Nazism. Michael Montagne


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the answer to the people who were persecuted by the Nazis because of their religion is the JEWS no need to thank me <3 =)

The Nazis believed that Jews were an inferior race and they didn't want their own race to be 'contaminated'.

Religion effected the holocaust because Nazis targeted Jews, Gypsies, and others. The Nazis believed in only the christian belief.

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The Nazis were not a religion, though they presented themselves to the public in Germany as national salvation movement, complete with some pseudo-religious trappings.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about this. The Nazis persecuted the Jews on grounds of race, not religion. In some cases, for example Jehovah's Witnesses, people's religion brought them into conflict with the Nazis.

Genocide. However, what bothered the Nazis about the Jews were race, not religion.

I think you'll find that it was the Jews (that is people) that the Nazis hated and that they had very little knowledge of Judaism (the religion).

The nazis killed their own citizens and those in surrounding countries - specifically those of the Jewish religion, gypsies, etc.

Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Gypsies, Jews, and Freemasons, if you consider Freemasonry a religion.

the polish people were hate because of their religion and beliefs.

they we're tourtured and killed by the hateful nazis becuse of their religion.

No. Nazi hatred of the Jews was based on race and not religion. Additionally, the Nazis would find anyone who was even 1/4 Jewish by blood and persecute them, even if they were devout Catholics or Protestants. ______________ The Nazis saw the Jews as a race, not a religion. The Holocaust wasn't a matter of religion.

All of the government-based homophobia in Africa comes from religion, predominantly Christianity and Islam.

A surfer that is an outlaw.

Adolf Hitler ran for public office under the Socialist Party and was very obsessed with the occult and witchcraft. A lot of the nazis were into socialism, but most were not into witchcraft.

The Jews wanted Israel so they could escape from the Nazis and pratice their religion.

Catholicism was not only the main religion in Nazi Germany, it was the state religion. The Catholic Church supported the Nazis, a position which changed rapidly in the mid-1940s.

Because religious beliefs leading up to the Holocaust. _________ No, it had nothing to do with religion.

Change their religion. __________ No, that was not an option, as the Nazis regarded the Jews as a race.

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