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Q: Did the Puritans play a large role in shaping the culture of the US?
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What role did puritans play in running the country?

they sat on their bums and died.

What role did puritans play in the country?

Promoting the idea that slavery was ungodly - while Southerners claimed it was a perfect God-given arrangement of man and master.

All parts of the federal bureaucracy share which characteristic?

They play a role in shaping how the executive branch implements federal policies - apex

how has the development of mass media influenced the American culture?

Mass media has had a tremendous impact on American culture. - Mass media unified the countries culture, now, a person in California can see the same shows and people as a person in New York or Texas. -It has eroded local culture- with the rise of mass media and an overall pop culture, some people began to lose interest in the local customs and traditions of their region. - It has eroded faith in the government and established institutions- Before, people's opinions of the government had been largely based on what the government and the people around them were telling them. Now every time the government gets caught in a scandal it is quickly broadcasted to every person in America. - It has displaced traditional forms of entertainment- Now Americans often go see a movie or watch tv instead of going to see a play.

How does an economy play a large role in the form of government a nation in use?

Economies can be completely controlled to entirely benefit the government, such as communism or dictatorships. Or the economy can be free will, like capitalism, which will prosper the people and businesses

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What couldn't puritans do?

Puritans believed that anything fun was banned You couldn't play sports, listens to music, dance, or drink because it was 'sinful'. The miserable puritans even banned Christmas.

Is Miller partrayal of the puritans accurate?

Miller's portrayal of Puritans in "The Crucible" is largely dramatized for the sake of the story. While he captures certain aspects of Puritan culture such as their strict religious beliefs and fear of the supernatural, some elements are exaggerated for dramatic effect. It's important to remember that the play is a work of fiction based on historical events.

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What role did puritans play in running the country?

they sat on their bums and died.

What role did predestination play in puritan society?

It didn't. The Puritans did not care.