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Q: How does an economy play a large role in the form of government a nation in use?
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Communism is an example of a?

command economy

What is the form of government in which a single party controls the economy and production?

The form of government in which a single party controls the economy and production is communism.

What was the goal of anti federalists?

Keep the power in state governments, not in the federal government. They wanted a weak central government, with strong local leaders.

Definition of planned economy?

A planned economy or directed economy is an economic system in which the government or workers' councils manages the economy. It is an economic system in which the central government makes all decisions on the production and consumption of goods and services. Its most extensive form is referred to as a command economy,centrally planned economy, or command and control economy

Is america a capitalist nation?

No, America is has a mixed market economy. Although it is no where near a socialist nation, the economy is regulated by the government extensively. Essentially, a mixed market economy is a means of finding a "happy medium" between capitalism and socialism. America does tend to employ a more relaxed form of regulation, therefore leaning more towards the capitalist side.

How did mercantilism represent a form of government intervention in the economy?

Did mercantilism accept the intervention of government

What form of government is closest to a pure market economy?


What is Russia's new form of government called?

Market economy

Does a nation have to have a government?

without a government the countries would have problems with trade, religions, etc...

What are the characterists of a nation?

Physical territory and common form of government.

How might the number of political partys provide clues to a nation's form of government?

one way for a nation to make people involved with governmentgroup of political parties that comes together to form a government

What is the power of a nation state to determine its form of government and its economic and social system?

NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY is the proper term for the power of a nation-state to determine its form of government economic and social systems.