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Yes It was a crescent buttplate held on with 2 screws. I have one that was made ca 1901 that belonged to my grandfather.

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Where to buy butt plate for Remington model 4 rolling block 22 rifle?

Hi, has anyone answered your question on the Model 4 buttplate yet? I need one also! Jim in SC

How much for springfield model 1871 Remington rolling block?

The guns were finished "in the white." Therefore the barrel should be somewhat shiney, and the receiver and butt plate case hardened. One in mint condition should fetch $2000+. Examples of less quality are worth from $600 on up.

Can the catcher block the plate?

Yes, catchers can block the plate if there's a definite play at the plate.

What does plate block mean in stamp collation?

A plate block is a block of stamps from the edge of the sheet which shows the plate or cylinder from which the stamps were printed.

Where are Remington model 34 but plate?

The steel piece is the original buttplate.

Looking for a list of Chevy V6 block and head casting numbers?

Every Chevrolet V-6 engine block has a metal plate attached to the engine block, listing the specifics of the engine. The casting numbers should be on the engine block plate.

Can a catcher in slow pitch softball block the plate if theres a play at home?

A catcher can only block home plate if they have possession of the ball. This is true for any base. However, if the defensive player does not have possession of the ball and they block the plate, the runner is granted the base due to obstruction.

Is a 1990 Chevy 350 flex plate the same as an 1985 flex plate other than the balance weight?

To my knowledge the only small block flex plate that doesn't interchange is the small block 400.

What does UMC stand for on the butt plate of a model 12A Remington Pump 22?

union metallic cartridge (company) The Union Metallic Cartridge Company of Bridgeport and Remington Arms Company were combined into one company and became Remington U.M.C.

What is plate in social studies?

it is a huge block of earth's crust

Does Indian plate have trench forms?

Yes, the Indian plates do have trench forms. Another name for the Indian plate is the India plate. It is a tectonic plate that was originally part of ancient Gondwana.

Where does most mountain formation take place?

Originally at Plate Boundaries.

Can you change a Remington 700 P 308 to a detachable magazine?

Yes, The P version has a HS Precision stock with an aluminum bedding block, but is an ADL system (removable floor plate). You can buy the kit for conversion from Brownell's. It might require fitting but will do the trick. Ed

What are all of the components in a standard GM small block clutch assembly?

clutch plate,pressure plate,throwout bearing

Can the pitch slide into home plate to block the plate if he doesn't have the ball?

No. That would be an obstruction and the base-runner would be safe.

Why type of mountain is not formed due to plate collision?


What do you have to do to block out bacteria from the microwave?

You scrub bacteria on the sides and plate of the microwave.

What type of mountains is not formed due to plate collision?


Is the Rocky Mountains a fault block mountains or a a fold mountains?

Fault Block. That is wrong, they are fold mountains, they were formed on a weakening in the plate, and millions of years ago the plate was under pressure and then it buckled and the Rockies were formed.

What is a mint plate block of stamps?

Stamps are printed using metal plates. The plates are marked with a number on the margins. A plate block consists of the stamps adjacent to that number in pairs, usually four or six stamps.

How did the western cordillera form?

The Pacific Plate subducted under the North American Plate in the Mesozoic Era. Glaciers eroded mountains and valleys, forming rolling hills.

What is a plate block?

Sheets of stamps are printed using plates. Each plate is numbered to insure they know which plate was used so they can correct errors and problems. The number shows up on the edges of the sheet. The post office knows exactly how many sheets were printed on each plate and collectors therefore know what the rarity of the various sheets are. A Plate Block is four or more stamps in a block with the excess paper with the number on it. Most plates print four sheets on a single sheet of paper, so that there are four possible positions for Plate Blocks.

Can a player block home plate?

No, they can't be on or blocking the line that aligns the bases

Is the Rocky Mountains a fault block mountains or a a folded mountains?

fold mountains. caused by pacific plate and north American plate converging.

Where is the block heater on a 2003 Camry V6?

There is a cover plate on the front bank of the six that could possibly be the mount for a block heater. I am not aware that Toyota offers a block heater. Maybe.

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