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The Royalists did not like Oliver Cromwell because he was the leader of the enemy: the Parliamentarian (or Roundhead) Army.

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Oliver Cromwell was a famous man. Oliver Cromwell lived many years ago. Oliver Cromwell is dead.

the father of Oliver Cromwell is Robert Cromwell

Oliver cromwell committed puritan and protestant beliefs.

Oliver Cromwell Was a puritan.

Oliver Cromwell banned all Christmas activities

what problems did oliver cromwell have with parliament

Oliver Cromwell was his real name

Thomas Cromwell was related to Oliver Cromwell as his great, great, great uncle.

Robert Cromwell Oliver Cromwell Bridget Cromwell Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector Henry Cromwell, Lord Deputy of Ireland Elizabeth Cromwell Mary Cromwell Frances Cromwell

It was Oliver Cromwell and before Oliver Cromwell it was Charles I.

Oliver Cromwell was born on April 25, 1599.

The statue of Oliver Cromwell was built in Westminster, London.

Oliver Cromwell Applegate died in 1938.

Oliver Cromwell Applegate was born in 1845.

Oliver Cromwell was not Crowned King. In most every other way he acted like a Monarch.

Oliver Cromwell attended Huntigdon Grammar School.

Hamo Thornycroft sculpted Oliver Cromwell statue

oliver cromwell was against King James I

The massacres at Drogheda and Wexford were probably responsible for Irish people feeling a certain coolness towards Oliver Cromwell.

Richard Cromwell became lord protector after cromwell. Richard was his son father Oliver Cromwell and mother Elizabeth Bourchier

Oliver Cromwell died on September 3, 1658 at the age of 59.

Oliver Cromwell was in charge of England from 1649 till 1658.

Oliver Cromwell died on September 3rd 1658 in Whitehall London

Oliver Cromwell died on Tuesday 3rd September, 1658

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