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did the Sioux Indians sacrifes

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Q: Did the Sioux sacrifse
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Did the Sioux Indians sacrifse?

did the Sioux Indians sacrifes

How do you spell Sioux in the Sioux language?


What is the plural of Sioux?

The plural form of Sioux is Sioux.

Which is bigger Sioux city or south Sioux city?

Sioux City

Who did the Sioux trade with?

they Sioux traded with other people and Sioux.

How do you use Sioux in a sentence?

We powwow with the Sioux tomorrow. Let's go visit the Sioux. That is a Sioux headdress.

How many tribes are there in South Dakota?

There are nine federally recognized Native American tribes in South Dakota: Cheyenne River Sioux Crow Creek Sioux Flandreau Santee Sioux Lower Brule Sioux Oglala Sioux Rosebud Sioux Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Standing Rock Sioux Yankton Sioux

What were the names of the Dakota Sioux in 1862?

In 1862 the Dakota Sioux were known as the Dakota/Dakotah or the Sioux or the Dakota Sioux.

What is the plural form for Sioux?


What languages are spoken by Lakota Sioux Indians?

Lakota Sioux. It was a dialect of Sioux. I know because I am leaning to speak Lakota Sioux.

What is the birth name of Sioux Lehner?

Sioux Lehner's birth name is Sioux Lewellyn.

What are facts about Sioux?

when were the Sioux Indians found out about

What language did the Sioux speak?

They spoke Sioux.

How do you say deer in Sioux?

Deer in Sioux

What language did the Sioux tribes peak?


Who lived in Sioux tepees?

Sioux Indians

What year was Sioux Valley Hospital established in Sioux Falls South Dakota?

Sioux Falls Hospital opened in 1894 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Sioux Valley Association was organized in 1894 and built the Sioux Valley Hospital in 1930.

Where are the Sioux homelands?

the homelands of the sioux are in north dakota

What customs did the Sioux Indians have?

The Sioux were allies of the Ottawa

What were the Sioux settlements like?

What were Sioux settlements like

What is warrior in the Sioux's language?

what is warrior in the Sioux language

What kind of ceremonies did the Sioux have?

The Sioux had sun dances.

Were the Sioux cruel?

the Sioux Indians where not cruel they where peaceful

What do the Sioux and Powhatan do the same?

Is Powhatan and Sioux fishermen

What are the Sioux Indians reasourses?

what are the sioux indians reasources