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what was the floral and fauna

on the Sioux indians


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Vegetation is Flora, Fauna are animals

Flora is plants and flowers, and Fauna are animals

what is the flora and fauna of costa rica

Flora = flowersFauna = animalsFloraFauna1. Flora is referred to as the total plant covered or vegetation of a region.Fauna means the species of animals, birds, reptiles etc.

the Cooktown orchid is the flora and the koala is the fauna

Fauna refers to animals. Flora refers to plants.

Flora and Fauna are goddesses of Ancient Rome, Flora the Goddess of flowers and Spring and Fauna, the Goddess of Prophecy and Fruitfulness.

Flora are plants and Fauna are animals so a sidewinder rattlesnake would be a Fauna.

Flora are plants and fauna are animals. The depletion of both flora and fauna can come from natural disasters or environment destruction.

'Flora' is plant life and 'fauna' is animal life.

Flora means plants fauna means animals

Niether, Senegal is country. Flora and fauna are plants and animals

Potti and potti means flora and sususu means fauna

flora is a flower/plant fauna is deer gazelle

They are not plants. Flora and fauna are the terms used to describe all plant and animal life, not a specific type. Flora = plants, Fauna = animals

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

it is the plant life(flora) and animal/wildlife(fauna) of America

we can protect the flora and fauna by protecting them. We can conserve flora & fauna of a place by educating the local community of that area and also enacting the rules and regulation for this purpose.

Flora and Fauna in Ancient India is very plentiful. Flora is usualy used in medicines.

flora is plants, fauna is animals

Bats are animals - fauna

Its a fish, so its fauna

Sponges are animals - fauna.

flora are plants and flowers (vegetation), and fauna are the animal life.By definition flora would be generally autrotropic and can perform photosynthesis, while fauna are primary or secondary consumers.

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