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Did the South have better military leaders during the Civil War?

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Yes, for the whole war the south had great Generals like Lee and Longstreet. Although the north had Grant and Sherman, they came in later in the war.

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The South's greatest strength during the Civil War was as follows: they had better military leaders compared to the Northerners. Just for the heck of it, they also had a home advantage, since they knew their land well. Answered by: Simen.K

The political and military leaders of the Union during the American Civil War were Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and William T. Sherman. Also on the list are Edwin M. Stanton, David Farragut, and David D. Porter, among others.

Because they were tho most prominent military leaders of the Civil War.

There were four military commanders during the Irish Civil War. They were Michael Collins, Richard Mulcahy, Liam Lynch, Frank Aiken.

generals lee and grant in general the souths political leaders were wealthy white plantation owners

Union General Horatio Van Cleve and Confederate General Earl Van Dorn were military leaders during the Civil War. Vicksburg, Mississippi was the scene of a battle during the Civil War.

At the beginning of the US Civil War, it became clear that the "Southern tradition" of military leaders proved that the South had better army commanders.

the main military leader of the north was Abraham Lincoln and the military leader of the south general lee

there were better generals, a strong military tradition, skillful riders, stronger motivation

Although the north had better advantages the South had better leaders such as Confederate President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee. Abraham Lincoln had no military training while Jefferson Davis had plenty training.

The key political leader of the South during the US Civil War was the Confederate President Jefferson Davis. By all accounts it can be said that the South's key military leader was General Robert E. Lee.

military rule is by force and not the wil of the people unlike civil rule.

After the civil war, Southern military officers could NOT hold office.Answer:Indeed, former CSA Gen. Joseph Wheeler fought as US Brigadier General duringthe Spanish-American War in 1898.

The first military draft was during the civil war.

This was a battle during the U.S. Civil War. The South was led by General Lee, and the North was led by Major General George B. McClellan.

Please be more specific. Rome had many leaders over the years. You need to tell us weather you mean military or civil leaders and also during what time they lived.

They had the motivation of defending their homes and families. They had prepared for war by accumulating a small store of supplies. The South had better military leaders.

They had slaves fighting for them, and they knew the area very well, and also they had the most people. The south had the most up to date equipment and the best military leaders. The north did NOT have good leaders such as McClellan.

The South's strategy during the Civil War was to get Great Britian's support. >The South's strategy was to use the great military leaders and commanders they had in order to defeat the North. With the North having multiple advantages, the South used their strongest factor: military training.

Robert E. Lee was the main military leader of the Confederacy during Civil War. He was the general for most of the CW times.

The Camp Sumter military prison at Anderson ville was one of the largest Confederate military prisons during the Civil War.

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