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Many Southerners wanted to remain part of the Union. Many others were not willing to stay in the Union if it meant sacrificing what they viewed to be their rights and the rights of their states to make local law. That is what started the US Civil War.

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Q: Did the South want to stay in the Union?
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Why did the south want to break away from the union?

The south wanted to do this because they liked slavery and the union didn't. The south then decided to brake away from the north.

Why did the north want the south to stay with the union?

First, they were all one nation, and every problem could be resolved in some way, and the South had some good crops, technologies, and other things the north didn't have, such as fertile rivers perfect for farming. Plus, the North though it was unconstitutional for the South to secede from the Union, so that was another reason the North wanted the south to say with the Union.

Was union the north or the south?

The north was known as the Union. It was the north that did not want the states to be separated.

What did the north want from the south?

the north wanted slavery to end in the south, they also wanted to preserve the union(keep the union united)

What are states between the north and the south that had to choose whether to secede or stay with the union is called?

Upper South Secession

Why Did the North Want to Preserve the Union?

so the south couldnt get it

Why did the radical republicans want to destroy the south's old ruling class?

They didn't want the South to stay unequal and unfair.

Name given to states between the north and the south that choose whether to secede or stay with the union?

border states

What was the goal for the union and confederate army?

the goal for the union and confederate army was the south wanted to break away from the rest of the united states so the war was because the south wanted to stay an independent country and the northern states wanted the south to rejoin the united states.

What were president lincolns hopes for reconstruction?

To keep the states united as one. To ease the south back into the union and stay united

What did radical republicans want from the south before they allowing its states to rejoin the union?

An agreement to end slavery immediately

Why did South Carolina secede from the U.S.?

South Carolina seceded from the Union because of the election of Abraham Lincoln. They did not want to lose the institution of slavery.

Why did Abraham Lincoln want to end civil war?

Lincoln did not want to have more people die over Slavery and he did not want to allow the South the leave the Union.

Did the south really leave the union?

No, the south did not really leave the union after the war. the south needed the support and assistance of the union so they could not have left.

What was northern reaction to secession?

the north was divided over the secession of the south. some wanted to let the south go, but there were circumstances that made other northerners want to keep the south as part of the union. the north worried about the taxes the south would have to pay and also the forts owned by the union that were in the south. also, government land was in question, as people were not sure if the south should be able to take it with them when the ceded or if it would remain with the union.

When was Union of South Africa created?

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When did Union of South Africa end?

Union of South Africa ended in 1961.

Name given to the states between the north and the south that had to choose whether to secede or stay with the union?

36 degrees 30 degrees

Was slavery one of the reasons for the civil war?

No all the South wanted to do was to protect their way of life and the North wanted to stay a Union.

Why did the south want slavery in Kansas?

To maintain parity with the North, as more new states entered the Union.

What river is in the union of South Africa?

The Union of South Africa no longer exists, it is now the Republic of South Africa

Why telkom would want to stay a monopoly?

Becouse telkom supplies the whole of South Africa

Why did the south want to leave the Union?

The south wanted to leave the Union because they wanted to become an independent nation. They believed that if they had an independent nation, they would be able to keep their traditions and ways of life, including the institution of slavery.

Is the union the south or the cofederacy is the south?

Confederacy is the South

Was the union the north or the south during the civil war?

The Union was the North. The South was the Confederacy.