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no we wanted to avoid the war at all costs. we came into the war because of Japan. then we helped the british therefore helping the jews. but no we didnt enter the war because of them.

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Who were the main persons involved in world war 2?

Hitler and the Jews played a huge role in this war. It had a great impact on how life is for the Jews today.

Why did World war 2 invade the world?

Hitler and the NAZI party wanted a world without Jews involved so they declared war on the world and almost won

How was the media involved with world war 2?

It was used by those malicious Jews as a form of propaganda.

What did the Jews do to Germans in ww1?

Nothing. In World War 1 the Jews in the various countries involved in the war fought for their respective countries - just like everyone else.

Did Mother Teresa hide Jews?

Mother Teresa was in India during the Second World War and the Holocaust and not involved in the rescue of Jews in Europe.

What war involved Germany France austria and Spain?

second world war, it was the holocaust and the Americans won but many Jews were killed

Why did japan get involved in the Holocaust?

The Holocaust refers to the Nazi genocide of the Jews and other groups. It is not synonymous with World War 2. The Japanese were not involved in the slaughter of the Jews and found the Nazis' antisemitism utterly bewildering.

Why did Australians get involved in war?

To protect their families :)

Why was there 13104155 people involved in the world war 2?

Because many people needed to protect their country.

Did the Jews win World War 2?

No, the Jews were not a side in World War 2. The Jews collectively were not combattants.

Was the Italian army involved with killing Jews during world war 2?

Italy is proud that its army did not participate in the Holocaust.

Was Africa involved in World War 1?

no not at all they were not involved in the first world war

Was Switzerland involved in the 1st world war?

No Switzerland was not involved in the First World War.

Jews in World War 2?

Hitler tried to kill all of the Jews in Europe during World War 2. Approximately six million were killed in concentration camps, while others survived the war by hiding in houses of people who would protect them or escaping to countries such as Sweden.

How many Jews were killed in World War I?

In World War 1 the Jews were not specifically targeted. Perhaps you are thinking of World War 2 and the Holocaust?

What did the Jews have to with World War 1?

Jews had nothing terribly important to do with World War I. The war was not fought about Jews (even though Jews were part of every involved army from a major power other than the Ottoman Empire). Jews often fought valiantly for their homelands, as diverse as American Jews fighting for the US and German Jews fighting for the German Empire or Second Reich. The only "Jewish" part of the war was the presence of Jewish militias in Ottoman Palestine who assisted the British in liberating that area from Ottoman control.

Which war did more people die in World War 1 or World War 2?

world war 2 kid, think about it, Jews, lots and lots of Jews...

Jews died in World War 2?

about 6 million Jews died in all world war 2.

Which countries did Jews migrate to during and after World War 2?

The Jews migrated to Palestine after World War 2.

Was there any justice for the Jews after World War 2?

There was a lot of sentiment for Jews after World War 2. Israel was created for Zionist Jews as a result.

How were Jews involved in the Arab-Israeli War?

Israel is the Jewish State and approximately 80% of its population is Jewish. This is the primary way that Jews are involved with the Arab-Israeli War. Additionally, Jews outside of Israel often finance or support Israel in its mission to be a place for Jews.

What wars was Hitler involved in?

Hitler was involved with World War One and World War Two.

What oceans were involved in World War 2?

All of the oceans were involved in World War 2.

Why did the US not get involved in world war 2?

Actually the US did get involved in World War 2.

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