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Trade with Japan had stopped before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

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Was the attack on pearl harbor part of world war 2?

Yes it was. The US were trading with the Japanese to help the war efforts of the Japanese and themselves but they got fed up with the pointless war going on between China and Japan so the stopped trading with them. The Japanese didn't like that and they were desperate for supplies so the bombed them.

How did the Japanese lull the US into the attack on Pearl Harbor?

the Japanese did not lull the US into an attack on Pearl Harbor. the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, not the other way around.

What happened before the Pearl Harbor attack?

:Japan and the United States were in the process of peace talks when Japan launched their attack on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese did give the American people medals. The Americans put the medals on bombs that were dropped on Japan in the months following the attack on Pearl Harbor.No one knew except the Japanese. It was basically a surprise attack, although the U.S sensed the Japanese on radar. By the time they could figure out what was happening, the bombings began.Before the Pearl Harbor Attack, there was already tension between the Japanese and the Americans as America had stopped trading oil, which was vital to the Japanese, and was putting pressure on Japan for invading other South East Asian countries, which the Americans did not want to happen.

What did the japanese in Pearl Harbor have to do with the attack?

The Japanese-Americans living and working on Oahu Island (where Pearl Harbor and Honolulu are located) had nothing to do with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Japanese Naval Pilots were the ones who perpetrated the attack.

Why didnt the Japanese invade Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor was an invasion, from the air, by the Japanese.

What happened during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

What made the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

America did not want Japan to take over China, so America stopped trading oil and other strategic materials to Japan. Japan got mad because they needed the oil and materials, and started to plan the attack.

How did Americans treat Japanese immigrants after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941?

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese citizens and immigrants were put in concentration camps

When was the attack on pearl harbor by the Japanese?

December 7, 1941, was the date of the Japanese attack.

Who responded to the Japanese attack on pearl harbor?

the united states responded to the attack on pearl harbor.

Why were the Japanese and Americans at war?

The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

How much warning did the Japanese gave the Americans at Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese gave no warning of their attack on Pearl Harbor. That is why it was a successful surprise attack.

How many Japanese airplanes were there in the Pearl Harbor attack?

There were 353 aircraft used in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

When did Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese attacked pearl harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941.

Where did Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

the Japanese attacked the harbor the airfields and even killed local hawaiians

When did the Japanese attack the Us in Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941.

Why couldn't Japanese attack something else why did they attacked Pearl Harbor?

It had to be Pearl Harbor because the Japanese knew that that was the Navy base of the US. Also 'cause the US stopped sending Japan products and most importantly................OIL!!

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