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Yes, but the anti-war people outnumbered (and where more out-spoken) than the supporters.

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Q: Did the US troops get any support for fighting in Vietnam?
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Was their any fighting in the US in the Vietnam war?

No, fighting has never occurred in the U.S. Not against any foreign enemies. There were several clashes between war protesters against government troops and police.

Which president sent troops to Vietnam?

Eisenhower and Kennedy sent military advisers who were not supposed to do any actual fighting. Johnson was the one who sent in large numbers of combat troops.

Did the US begin fighting in Korea before or after they sent troops to Vietnam?

Well before any US troops were sent to Vietnam. The Korean Conflict kicked off in 1950, and the ceasefire was signed in 1953 (although the conflict remains ongoing). The first American troops didn't arrive in Vietnam until 1954.

Are any US troops in Vietnam today?


What was true about the end of the Vietnam War?

At the end of the Vietnam War, Congress refused to support South Vietnam any longer.

Did Turkey have troops fighting in Vietnam?

No. Turkey was not involved in the Vietnam War. However, Turkey did contribute soldiers to the Korean War (which made that war the first time that Turks and Greeks fought on the same side in any conflict).

What president sent more troops than any other sitting president into Vietnam?

Lyndon Johnson sent the greatest number of US troops into Vietnam.

How many troops where in Vietnam during the start of Kennedy's presidency?

There were not any troops in Vietnam during the Kennedy administration. Just 500 military advisors. Kennedy was assassinated before we sent troops

What two countries did not commit their forces or provide any significant number of troops inthe Vietnam war?

The whole world stayed out of the war except: North Vietnam, South Vietnam, South Korea, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, the US and Australia. Many countries provided supplies & technical support...but as far as supplying fighting men, only those listed above.

Can Afghanistan be compared to the Vietnam war?

No, because the US is not fighting the country of Afghanistan. The US was fighting the country of North Vietnam. The US is not at war with any nation as of this date.

Why was mail so important for the US troops in Vietnam?

It was a moral booster just like any ohter war,except in Vietnam the troops needed mail more since we were losing.

What was true about the end of Vietnam war?

At the end of the Vietnam War, Congress refused to support South Vietnam any longer.

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