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Big Bang Theory (scientific model)

Did the earth start with the Big Bang?


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February 06, 2011 7:25PM


No, the Earth did not begin directly because of the Big Bang. Scientists say that the universe itself began with a "big bang", when matter was ejected from what was effectively an ultra-dense ball of energy. Much later, matter appeared, and this matter formed into gas clouds and then coalesced into stars such as our Sun. But not all the interstellar matter formed into stars.

Some of the lighter material continued as clouds of gas that astronomers can still see through telescopes. Some matter, particularly heavier elements, also went into orbit around stars. Gradually these clouds in turn coalesced into orbiting bodies around their stars. The Earth, one of the gaseous bodies that had formed around our Sun, finally cooled enough to form a planet, and that was around 4.54 billion years ago.