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Q: Did the federal government control all road systems in America in the early 1900s?
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How was authority shared in a federal system of government?

the authority shared by how the government reviewed the federal systems

Who maintains the interstate systems?

The federal government

What is federal systems of government?

The federal system of government is the citizens and government having equal power not a monarchy, but each side being even.

What form government is a compromise between a unitary state and a confederation?

The Federal System lies between the unitary and confederal systems of government.

What has the author Flora A N J Goudappel written?

Flora A. N. J. Goudappel has written: 'Powers and control mechanisms in European federal systems' -- subject(s): Federal government, European federation

The federal system political systems?

The federal system political system is divided between the national government and regional government. The united states is a federal republic.

Who is in charge of the prison systems?

(in the US) The state governments are in charge of their respective state prison systems, the federal government is in charge of the federal prison system.

Which is an example of the federal government’s implied powers?

building highway systems

What are two correctional systems utilized in America?

State system, Federal System

What two government systems are used by the US?

Federal System and Presidential Democracy

What does the Federal Transit administration do?

The Federal Transit Administration, or the FTA, funds transit systems across the United States of America. Their goal is to bring new transit systems online, or improve existing systems.

What systems divides power between the national government and the state governments?

The Government book says Federal system