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They crossed it because they were following large game, such as bison, mastodons ,and mammoths. They followed them down into Southeast United States. These animals became extinct because they weren't used to the heat.

But where did they cross over from...?

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What land bridge did native Americans cross to get here?

Bering Straight

What did native Americans cross to get to this continent?

They came from a land bridge in Russia connecting to Alaska.

What was the bering land bridge used for?

The Bering-land bridge was used for crossing from Asia to Alaska. The Native Americans didn't cross it because they were already there. Have a good life ^_^

Why did the native canadians cross the land bridge?

on the land bridge had big game (animals) they followed it across the land bridge for food.

Why did the first Americans cross the land bridge into north America?

The Americans crossed the land bridge from asia to find what was there and if there was any life there.

Name the land bridge native Americans crossed to get to America?

the Native Americans crossed the Bering Straight

What was the land bridge?

the land bridge was a pieace of long land that formed and made immigration from Asia to America for the native Americans

What did the first Americans cross to get to North America?

By the land bridge

How did the Native Americans get to North America?

By the Beringa Land bridge

What land bridge did the earliest native americans cross?

That would be the Bering land bridge. It was around 1000 miles wide (north to south) at it's widest. It connected present-day Alaska. and eastern Siberia.

The earliest native Americans crossed a land bridge called?

The Answer Is Beringia!

How did the Native Americans get to North and South America?

By the Beringa Land bridge

The earliest native Americans crossed a land bridge was called?


What was then name of the land bridge where the earliest native Americans crossed?


How did native Americans settled North American?

By the Bergina Land Bridge

What is the name of land bridge that native Americans first used?

It is called Beringia

How did the native people arrive in north America?

If you mean Native Americans, they walked across the land bridge.

Why did animals cross the land bridge?

why did the animals cross the land bridge

What continent did Native Americans originally come from?

Native Americans crossed the land bridge to North America from Asia. So technically they are from Asia.

Where do scholars believe that the first Native Americans arrived here from?

The land bridge for the Russia

Who were the people who crossed the land bridge?

Native Americans migrated from Eastern Asia to North America using the land bridge that appeared during the Ice Age.

How did Native Americans get to America?

Tribes from the Altai mountains crossed a land bridge from Asia to America.

How did native Americans came to America?

Probably from Asia and Africa through the Bering land bridge.

Who lived in America before it was found?

Native Americans who came over on the land bridge from Asia

How did the first prehistoric native Americans arrive in north America?

The Bering Land Bridge (Berringia)