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yes because there was a previous war before it.


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You call people living in Australia, Australians.

People living in Australia are called Australians.

We call them Singaporeans. 100% Correct

People from Paris are known as Parisians

Villagers are people who live in villages.

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Swiss (unless they are foreigners).

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most cases... they are cursing them

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The people living in France are the French. They call themselves 'les français, les françaises'

The Jews (Yehudi).... but it depends during what time

Cyrpiots (kiprioi -Greek, Kipreoi - Cypriot)

Highlander, mountain dweller, mountaineer

"living undead" makes no sense, your either one or the other O_o

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People from all over the world call the same thing different names. Some people call obituaries death notices. Where did this term come from?

the demonym (or name for a person who resides in) for Florida is "Floridian".

Austrian. Btw in austria, the country is called österreich.

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