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In the past, the sea around Japan helped to protect them from invasion. However, after the USA developed the atom bomb, the difficulty of invading Japan influenced them to drop the atom bomb.


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Australia was not invaded by Japan. One city was bombed. America used Australia as a base for the reconquest of the South Pacific.

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It didn't. Japan invaded New Guinea on 23 January 1942, but Australian and US troops, with much help from the Papua New Guinean natives, managed to repel the invasion.

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They were completely overpowered both in men and firepower, so not much was done except a few outbreaks by the Manchurians against Japanese soldiers that were quickly subdued. They also called the League of Nations, who responded to their help by sending Lord Lytton, who wrote a report on Japan's invasion.

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Okinawa was part of a three prong attack. The battle took place in April 1945 and heavy causalitis were on both sides. It was one of the major battles of WW2 and the taking of the island air fields were to help in the invasion of Japan. Japan was always on line to be invaded and it was a matter of how and when.

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Because back then Japan was an ally to Hitler's Germany, and an enemy of the allies. the soviet union was allied with the allies, and the US needed some help due to skimpy troops and supplies to the pacific islands. This was before the A-bomb was available and US wanted the Japs to have to fight on two fronts, as the coming invasion of Japan by the US was expected to meet with suicidal resistance and cost many thousands of American lives.

World War II began in the 1930, officially. A man name Adolf Hitler was invading the countries around Germany during that time. Japan began invading an area called Indochina. President Roosevelt was not happy about this and stopped all the exports going to Japan. On December 6, 1941 Japan bombed a place in Hawaii called Pearl Harbor to get revenge on stopping the exports. Naturally, we became enraged and began to help the invasion on Europe and we declared war on Japan.

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The Manchurian Incident. Britain and France were too weak to form an army against Japan, and with the US out of the League, they had no one else to go to to help China defend their land.

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