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The Silk road stretched from China, through Asia to the Mediterranean

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What did Paris use the silk road for?

Paris was not part of the silk road the last stop in the Silk Road was Rome.

Is the silk road called the silk road because it leads to Rome?

No it's not

Did ancient India trade along the silk road?

yes India did trade on the silk road

Where was silk first traded on the silk road?

I believe it was to Rome.

Who traded most along the Silk Road?


Who traded teas for silk on the silk road?


Where did the silk road begin or end?

The Silk Road began at China and ended at Rome. Where In China? IDK An: The Silk Road ended at the Mediterranean Sea. the silk road began in Xi'an

Is silk road a road?

Technically, yes - but not a single stretch of road. The Silk road was a network of posts in which the Chinese and other Asians could trade easily.

Did the silk road connect china and Rome?


What was Rome like during the silk road?


Is India on the silk road?

Yes, Trade on the Silk Road was signification the development of the Indian sub-continent.

Were India got their supplies from?

silk road

With the fall of Rome why did the Silk Road become unsafe?

With the fall of Rome, the Silk Road lost guards and it became unsafe. It was used again at a later time under the Mongols.

How do you use Silk Road in a sentence?

Traders in the far east used the Silk Road to transport their goods.The Silk Road bought Chinese goods and then sold them to traders on the way to Rome.

What was the silk road what items were traded along silk road?

A trading route that links China and Rome together. Silk was usually traded with other goods.

How did the silk road impact culture?

From China, silk, spices, inventions, and ideas spread west to India, Western Asia, and Europe. From India, China received Buddhism, thanks to the silk road.

What did India trade on the silk road?

India on the ancient silk road traded sandalwood for Rome's olive oil and Saudi Arabia's cloves and especially spices.

Who participated in the trade for the silk road?

China, Iran, Greece, Parthian, Mesopotamia, and Rome all participated in the trade for the silk road.

Things traded on the silk road?

Mainly silk but the other HUGE thing traded on the silk road was spices from India and china for the Mediterranean area

What is the silk road and what was its importance?

Because silk was the major trade product which traveled on this road, it was named the Silk Road in 1877 by Ferdinand von Richthofen - a well-known German geographer. This ancient route not only circulated goods, but also exchanged the splendid cultures of China, India, Persia, Arabia, Greek and Rome.

How did India fit into the trade along the Silk Road?

India was an impotant part of the silk road because it was located along the center. India exported their main products, like gems and spices, in return for horses, bullion, and silk from China.

The Great Silk Road connected China and what?


Why did the Western Silk Road end at Mediterranean ports such as Antioch?

Cause the silk road was a trade route too trade goods and they traded with India and china and Rome and Lavogang and kashgarand all of these places all are near or next to the mediteansea.

What was the land route developed for trade between China and the Roman Empire?

The Silk Road.The Silk Road.The Silk Road.The Silk Road.The Silk Road.The Silk Road.The Silk Road.The Silk Road.The Silk Road.

Where is the silk route located?

The silk road is located in China. Arabia, Egypt, India, Persia, Rome it is located across the content of asia it also covers part or the north and northeastern Africa and Europe.