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Q: Did the soldiers in the civil war go to school?
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What is Civil War on Sunday about?

It was how jack and annie go back to the Civil war and help wounded soldiers and learn about the Civil War

In the civil war did soldiers get to go home?

Not all soldiers got to go home. some died, some just stayed just to fight, you know.

Did civil war soldiers get to go home after the war?

In any civil war some soldiers, and civilians, do not go home because they have perished. Others may stay at the last place they served or move to somewhere they have seen. Some may take the opportunity to start a new and different life.

What was the enlistment time for soldiers during the civil war?

it was when you go in you don't get out till you get injured and cant fight or you die

Why did soldiers volounter to go to war?

Many soldiers went to war to, Serve their country, Pay for school, and some went because that was their only option. I hope this helped.

Did students that were black and white go to school together during the Civil War?


Were there drummer boys after the civil war?

yes, in world war 1 the drummers were used to give their soldiers enough courage to go outside their own trenches.

What did Lee encourage his soldiers to do after the civil war?

Go home peacefully, and never take up arms against the USA again.

How can Civil War go in a sentence?

civil war can go in a sentence in many ways - I have some money from the civil war - my friend's great great grandfather fought in the civil war - the civil war was fought over rights for African Americans

What did the soldiers go in to world war 2?


Do soldiers choose to go to war with Afghanistan?


Why did you go to war with Mexico during the Civil War?

We didn't. We were in the middle of our civil war (1861-1865).

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