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they celebrated they killings of buffalo

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Q: Did the south west Indians celebrate traditions?
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What are the native American Indians called of the south west?


Is the west coast of South America a subduction zone?

the indians

What movement do West Indians and french africans celebrate?

Negritude was a literary movement started by French Africans and West Indians living in Paris from the 1930s through the 1950s. It was a European version of the Harlem Renaissance.

What kinds of things did the South West Indians do?

hunt and grow food

French speaking Africans and West Indians formed a movement to celebrate African culture heritage and values called what?


French speaking africans and west Indians formed a movement to celebrate African culture heritage and values are called what?


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to find new land

Did the Lakota Indians live west of kwakiutl?

no theyoccupied lands in both North and South Dakota

Where did Mayas lived?

Mayan Indians lived in the Yucatan peninsula of South-west Mexico.

What did the south west Indians eat?

They ate mostly corn and peppers they grew because of the climate.

Does the Apache celebrate Thanksgiving?

Not very likely being West Coast Indians. the holiday is never popular with Native American tribemen for obvious reasons.