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Clovis was the first Germanic king to

The strongest invaders to attack western Europe during the Middle Ages were the

The Kingdom of Charles later became

Clovis was the first germanic king to what

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Q: Did the teachings of Muhammid unify or divide the people of Arabia?
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How did Muhammad's teachings affect people from Arabia?

Muhammad's teachings affected people from Arabia in the sense that:they stopped worshipping idols and partners to Godthey learned to respect females and secure their equal human rightsthey acquired good morals and tendency to forgiveness and tolerancethey tried to please Allah (God in English and same God in Christianity and Judaism) through ritual worships and good deeds

How has religion united or divided people?

Religion has both united and divided people. Religion has united people from various continents of the same faith. On the other hand, extremists have used religion to divide people who do not subscribe to their teachings.

What are the people in Saudi Arabia like?

people in Saudi Arabia are very friendlyand kind.

What was the effect of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad?

The effect of the teachings of the prophet Muhammad was people still believe on his teachings....!!

How do people vote in Saudi Arabia?

There is no vote in any form of government in Saudi Arabia- people do not vote.

How is the life of people in Saudi Arabia?

saudi arabia life is very islamic

Were people against Muhammads teachings?

Some people were because he taught that there was only one God, Allah, and some people in Saudi Arabia were polytheistic, believing in many Gods, and they didn't like being told to stop worshipping their Gods. In whole history, people around the world follow different teachings. Even in one family, one likely finds different if not opposing views about life. So, naturally, for every teaching addressed to the masses (said from Heaven or not) there are always people opposing it (even in matters said scientific) and Muhammad's teachings are not an exception.

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