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Did the wrestler Sting died?


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No. He wrestles for TNA.

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He is currently with TNA Wrestling. Sting is probably the only famous professional wrestler to have never been with the WWE

If you are referring the wrestler sting then yes he is a devout Christian

Sting is a born again Christian

US wrestler Charles Borden Sr. aka Sting, is 58 years old (born March 20, 1959).

Sting was born march 20,1959 so he is 50.

sting will retired after the no surrender pay-per viev

Sting is a professional wrestler and actor.

TNA Wrestler ( Sting ).

no..he was transferred to tna

Sting is 50 years old. He was born in March 1959

Sting the wrestler is said to have joined WWE and we can expect to be seeing him in the ring soon.

no he does not all he does is wrestle

he might be if you see in the rafters

Only one. Steve Borden has been Sting since about 1985.

Sting's real name is Steve Borden

No. Sting is alive and well at the age of 52, and is currently wrestling for TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling).

You can either ,Download the Sting Character from the online menu on the game,orCheck our the related links section for a CAW ( Create a Wrestler ) website.

Yes but he's in tna. P.S. He has the same birthday as the person who wrote this: Me! [True]

he is currently 49 years of age http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sting_(wrestler)

Omaha, Nebraska. Per his wiki page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sting_(wrestler)

Chris and Josh's favorite wrestler is Randy Orton. However they also like HHH, Edge, Christian, Sting, Tomko, Jericho, and many others.

TNA are making a retirement storyline apparently for Sting this year he hasn't really been on television as much but I think its this year when sting finally leaves i will miss him.

sting is in tna still and is currently back in the red and black nwo wolfpack paint and is currently teaming with former wolfpack member Kevin Nash

no the best is the rock if you like douchebags the best wrestlers are Shawn Michaels and Triple HHH

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