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Did they find Anne Frank's body?

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Anne Frank ended up in Bergen-Belsen camp in Germany after being evacuated from Auschwitz in Oct. 1944. Starvation, cold and disease helped her health to fail and Anne's sister Margot died of typhus and a few days after, Anne herself died. A few weeks later, the camp was liberated by the British. She was 15 years old.

A Holocaust Survivor Irma Sonnenberg Menkel said that as she walked past two pits with the bodies of Jews thrown in she saw Anne Frank and her sister Margot. There were many mass graves such as this.

She was found by the two twins that served like Red Cross helpers at the camp. They decided to put Anne and Margot into sheets, and put them into the mass grave. The body was never found, she died sometime in March of 1945. The exact date is not known.

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What happend to Anne Franks body?

Like all the other corpses Anne Franks body was disposed of and burned.

Why was Anne Franks diary written?

Anne Franks diary was written because she knew someone will find it and do something with it

How did the Germans find anne franks family in hiding?

all we know is that some body grassed on them but we do not know who

Where was Anne Franks hiding spot at?

To find that out you have to read her autobiography Diary Of Anne Frank.

Did they ever find anne franks remains?

No, they didn't but their is a area dedicated to Anne and Margret.

What was anne franks Skin colour?

Anne Franks was a white European.

Anne Franks goals?

Anne franks goals were to be an author or a famous journalist

Does Anne Franks have COVID-19?

No Anne frank is dead she was dead in the 1960s

Were all Anne Franks family Jewish?

Yes, Anne Franks family were Jewish.

Where was Anne Franks original home?

Anne Franks original home was in Frankfurt, Germany

What is Anne Franks middle name?

Anne Franks full name is: Annelies Marie Fran.

What colour was Anne Franks diary?

Anne Franks diary was red and green with a small lock on it.

Are they still looking for anne franks body?

No. Her body was either thrown into a mass grave at Bergen-Belsen or burnt.

Where is Anne Frank's statue?

Anne Franks memorial statue stands at westerkerk plaza in Amsterdam near Anne franks house

What was Anne Franks challenges?

one of Anne franks challenges was being in the secret annex for 2 years

How many rooms were in Anne Franks living room?

there were about 4 rooms in anne franks living room.

Where is Anne Franks diary now?

anne franks diary is with yashwi gupta who is very dum and stupid

Anne Franks favirate color?

anne franks favorite color is red and black when she was younger she liked green

How was Anne Franks diary found?

Anne franks diary was found by her farther and former annexe partner bep

Where was Anne Franks birth place?

Anne Franks birth place was in the city of Frankfurt am Main in Weimar Germany

Did Anne Franks mom survive the war?

No, unfortunatly not but Anne franks dad, Otto, did he published annes diary.

What was Anne Franks book called?

The Diary of Anne Frank

Where is Anne franks hometown?

Anne was born in Frankfurt, Germany.

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