Did they find Anne Frank's body?

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Anne Frank ended up in Bergen-Belsen camp in Germany after being evacuated from Auschwitz in Oct. 1944. Starvation, cold and disease helped her health to fail and Anne's sister Margot died of typhus and a few days after, Anne herself died. A few weeks later, the camp was liberated by the British. She was 15 years old.

A Holocaust Survivor Irma Sonnenberg Menkel said that as she walked past two pits with the bodies of Jews thrown in she saw Anne Frank and her sister Margot. There were many mass graves such as this.

She was found by the two twins that served like Red Cross helpers at the camp. They decided to put Anne and Margot into sheets, and put them into the mass grave. The body was never found, she died sometime in March of 1945. The exact date is not known.

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Q: Did they find Anne Frank's body?
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