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Of course they had make-up in the 1940's! Red lipstick powder foundation and mascara were big! A satin faced look was popular. Everything was a simple easy dramatic look. The red lipstick made the look complete.

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What makeup did women wear in the 1940s?

in the 1940s they would use mosley lipsticks a dark red or a light color only few people would ware fouundation and lots of them did wear eye liner

Is it true that if you spray hairspray on your face after applying makeup then it stays longer?

This is a 1940s movie makeup trick. Makeup wasn't as good then as it is now and lights were a lot hotter, so they had to do SOMETHING to keep them from having to completely redo the actors' makeup after every take. Modern makeup doesn't need this, and spraying hairspray on your face is bad for you. Some people very lightly mist their makeup with water, which WILL make it last longer.

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what was the Jewish population in the 1940s

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What did 1940s women wear?

They wore skirts or dresses knee height very slim, the jackets dresses and suits had padded shoulder's, bright red lipstick, hats, dark makeup and many different hair styles

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Matte makeup is makeup with no sparkle or shimmer. Hope i helped!!

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