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The U.S. has never minted any gold-plated coins. All gold-colored coins are either actually gold (circulating coins before 1933 and recent commemoratives) or made of a gold-colored brass alloy (current $1 coins).

What you have is either a coin that was plated with a thin layer of gold by a private company and sold as a "collectible" at an inflated price, or a coin that was subjected to some chemical or heat-induced color change.

Either way, it's considered to be a damaged coin and has no additional numismatic value.

No, but lots of outside companies have gold plated almost every type of coin for some reason or another. Usually to make a quick buck off of gullible people who believe they are buying a rare collectable.

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Q: Did they mint a 1970 Washington quarter that was gold or gold plated?
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How much is a 1970 quarter worth in silver?

The 1970 Washington quarter was NOT struck in silver.

What is a 1967 Gold Plated Washington Quarter Never circulated in hard plastic packaging worth?

Since it is gold plated it is considered an altered coin and is worth face value.

What is the value of a 2004 D gold Iowa quarter?

It is only gold plated. Since it is gold plated it is an altered coin and is worth 50 cents.

Is a 2000 South Carolina quarter dollar gold coin real currency?

What you have is a regular quarter that someone (NOT the U.S. Mint) gold plated.

Is there a 2005 gold quarter?

Gold plated coins are novelty coins with no collectible value and are not made by the US Mint.

How much money is worth am misplaced gold plated quarter?

Please rephrase question.

What is the value of a gold plated liberty 1999 quarter stamped Georgia 1788 on the back with the Georgia state logo?

It's just a state quarter that has been gold plated and it has no collectible value at all, unless you find someone that wants it.

What is the value of a 2002 gold US quarter?

The Mint has never made gold quarters. If you have a gold quarter then it has been plated which destroys the numismatic value of the coin. Its value is 25 cents plus the value of the little bit of gold they used to plate it. Some chemicals can cause the quarter to turn different colors. This also does not enhance the value of the coin.

Why does your 1976 us quarter look like gold?

It may have been plated with gold but it adds nothing to the value of the coin.

Are 24k plated gold coins worth anything?

No, they are worth no more than the metal (or face) value of the coin, the gold plating adds so little gold that it would cost more to de-plate the coin than the gold is worth. For example, a 1965 gold plated half dollar would be worth ~$4.50 in silver scrap just like a normal 1965 half dollar. A 2002 gold plated quarter would be worth just a quarter, just like a normal 2002 quarter.

What is the value of a 2006 gold quarter?

25 cents. It's gold-plated but not gold. It's an ordinary quarter that was plated with a tiny amount of gold and sold as a "collectible". If you think about it for a few seconds, a circulating gold quarter would be worth hundreds of dollars given the current price of the metal. Not even the densest bureaucrat would authorize a coin worth that much and put it into circulation for 25 cents.

What is the value of a ted Williams hall of fame gold plated quarter?

five hundred dollars