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No. Vanessa has her own house.

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Who is Zack efrons girlfriend?

vanessa hudgens is Zack efrons girfriend

Is Vanessa Hudgens Zac Efron's girlfriend?

Yes vanessa hudgens is zac efrons girlfriend

Who is zac efrons new girlfriend?

Vanessa Hudgens

Is that is true that vanessa hudgens have baby with zac efrons?


Is vanessa hudgens pregnant with zac efrons kid?


Is vanessa anne hudgens the most ticklish girl in the world?

I dno , i hate vanessa hudgens anyway! Zac efrons cool but i hate vanessa!!!!

Where does Vanessa hangs out most?

Vanessa Who? Vanessa Hudgens? At Zac Efrons house.

Who is zac efrons girlfriend right now?

Vanessa Anne Hudgens:)

How many months is vanessa hudgens with zac efrons baby?

4 months

Does zac efrons love Vanessa Hudgens?

no.. he loves Heather Mae houser:)

Who was zac efrons girlfriend in high?

Vanessa Hudgens, she stars as Gabriella Montez.

Is Vanessa Hudgens stilll Zac Efrons Ex?

No, they already broke up, and Vanessa Hudgens quit the High school musical movie series.

Are Vanessa Hudgens Sister and Zac Efrons Brother dating?

yes Stella hudgens is dating Dylan efron

Are vanessa hungens zac efrons girlfriend?

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron broke up in December 2010.

Does Vanessa Hudgens touch Zac Efrons chest when hes not wearing a shirt?


What is zac efrons favorite girl?

his favorite girl is vanessa anne hudgens but a little more than Ashley tisdale.he is between them,i mean vanessa hudgens & Ashley tisdale

Who is Zac Efrons celebrity crush?

Either, Jessica Alba or his Ex-GF Vanessa Hudgens..

Is vanessa hudgens pregnant with zac efrons baby?

well we still dont know yet

How old is Zac efrons gilfriend?

"Vanessa Hudgens" December 14, 1988 (age 22)

What is Zac Efrons New Girlfriends Name?

He doesn't have a girlfriend. Because he is dating Vanessa Hudgens and they are getting married.

Where is the Zachary Efrons red and white striped shirt which Vanessa Hudgens has also be seen wearing from?

They share there clothes!

Is Zac Efrons commitment ring from Vanessa Hudgens?

that ring is from her, and he gave hr one as well. it is known as their promise ring

Zac efrons girlfriends full name?

he is in love with vanessa anne hudgens....not heather Mae houser from south vermillion

Is vanessa hudgens still zac efrons girlfriend?

No. She is now his ex. She has a new beau. (My opinion is that V and Zac can still get married!)*

What is zac efrons girlfriend kathryn last name?

his girlfriend is vanessa anne hudgens or gabrielle montez from high school musical

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