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Did weeks beat up juanita bynum?


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Yes, I do believe bishop weeks beat Juanita that night in the parking lot. This man is a lying snake. God will get the Gloria out of him, and he will have to repent one day for all the lies he has been telling. I also believe he is trying to destory Juanita and her minstry because she want stay with him after the beat down he gave her. I do not believe he did it unintentionly. I believe out of all that was going on in their lives and coming against him he just lost it. I wish that he would have handled the whole thang different. He should have never left the hotel. I wish he had took hold of his wife and tried to make it right. At least expressed to her how sorry he was ans that he lost it. He should have stayed and begged her to forgive him and just comfort her at that time. He should have been the one with her that night.