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Q: Did you hear that the Thompson's are moving from Springfield's to Indianapolis?
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Can a cat hear termites moving around in walls?

Cats can hear termites moving around in walls. In fact, people can even detect the presence of these critters inside walls.

What does the cowboy slang 'hear tell' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This just means to hear of. "I hear tell you're moving on," said the cowboy.

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water moving They can hear water moving. Since frogs have holes for ears, they probably just sense vibrations, like snakes. a rabbit andwhat ever is in there

Does the frequency of a railroad locomotive you hear increasedecrease or stay the same?

That depends on whether the locomotive is moving or standing still, and if it's moving, then that depends on whether it's => moving toward you or => moving away from you.

When moving arm you can feel and hear tearing in the shoulder?

no. and neither can you. you're being paranoid. try breathing, i hear that works well.

What Indianapolis radio stations are playing Christmas music?


What do you call a moving pattern of high and low pressure that you can hear?

A audible pattern of moving high and low pressure is called sound.

What movement did kino hear in the night?

Kino heard a scorpion moving in the night.

Why would you hear a change in pitch if you are on a moving train and the train whistle blows?

but crack

Would you hear a change in pitch if you are on a moving train and the train whistle blows?

Since you are also on the moving train, the pitch should remain constant.

Am I supposed to be able to hear insects like stinkbugs ants etc even when they are not moving?

Generally not.