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Q: Did you say Kendall Schmidt does not have any Mennonite background?
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Does kendall Schmidt have any brothers or sisters and What is their names?

Yes Kendall have 2 brother and no sister. There name is Kenneth and Kevin Schmidt.

Does kendall schmidt have any pets?

Yeh Kendall has a pet pig, turtle, dogs & a snake

What is Kendall Schmidt's sexual orientation?

Kendall Schmidt, the American singer/actor from Big Time Rush, has not stated his sexual preference in public. WikiAnswers will not speculate on what is personal and private information to any individual.

Does kendall schmidt have any kids?

Well technicly he does and he doesn't. He is not a father but he does act like 1

Does big time rush have any famous relatives?

Yes Kendall Schmidt's brother Kevin Schmidt he played Bull in Princess Protection Program

Do any members of the band Big Time Rush have siblings?

Yes , Kendall Schmidt has a brother named Kevin.

Are there any Mennonite war criminals?


Does Kendall Jenner have a Bebo account?

Sorry Kendall Jenner does not have an account for this site if any are found it is not Kendall.

Are there any mennonite stores in Lafayette Louisiana?

Largest parish in the state of louisiana

Can Amish men marry outsiders?

No. The Mennonites do not embrace the idea of outsiders coming into marriage within the churches community. Marriage is a very serious step for a Mennonite. marriage to an outsider is highly prohibited and would not be accepted by any Mennonite order that I know of. If you swayed a Mennonite to marriage would not yourself be considered Mennonite nor would your ex-mennonite spouse.

Does kendall vertes have any siblings?


Do any people from Big Time Rush have any tattoos?

kendall has 2