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yes. If your riolu evolves after level 37 it will not learn aura sphere.

lucario learns aura sphere at lv 37

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How do you teach aura sphere to riolu?

you have to evolve riolu into lucario then keep leveling up until you learn aura sphere.

What level does riolu learn aura sphere?

Riolu doesn't learn Aura Sphere until he's a Lucario. I should know, I'm a Riolu (I can't evolve yet) at level 79 and I STILL havn't learned any aura related attacks.

How does riolu learn aura sphere in Pokemon Diamond version?

How does riolu learn aura sphere in pokemon diamond version?

When does riolu learn arua sphrere in Pokemon mystery dungeon exploreres of sky?

Riolu does not learn "Aura Sphere", as it is not in its learnset. To get Riolu to learn "Aura Sphere", you must evolve it into Lucario. Lucario learns Aura Sphere sometime in level 30-40. If you are higher than that, simply go to Electivire Link Shop

How do you make Riolu learn aura sphere?

You must first evolve it to Lucario, then level it up.

What level does Lucario learn aura sphere in platinum?


What type of riolu learns aura sphere?

you need a modest natured riolu to learn aura sphere or you can use your action replay

Does Riolu Learn Aura Sphere at any level in Platinum?

Riolu first has to evolve into Lucario in order to learn Aura Sphere. However, if you own Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia you can download a special mission called Rescue the Kidnapped Riolu through wifi. After you complete the mission you are able to transfer a special Riolu that knows Aura Sphere to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum versions.

When does riolu learn aura sphere?

Actually Riolu doesent learn it. Lucario does. As soon as Riolu evolves (Lv. 20 or 30) it learns Aura Sphere. A pretty handy move that never misses.

Can riolu learn aura sphere in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

I'm afraid you can't. Only Lucario can learn aura sphere. Sorry!

When does riolu learn aura sphere in explorers of sky?

Riolu? It doesn't. Lucario, though, learns it at about level 37.

How do you teach riolu aura sphere in Pokemon explorers of sky?

You havE to evolve it with a sun scarf. And I learns aura sphere eventually. If you are impatient, go to electrics and he can teach it to you

Can riolu leArn aura sphere?

No it learns it whenever it evolves at level 28 or 29.

What level does riolu learn aura sphere in Pokemon explorers of the sky?

riolu deosn't learn this move, but lucario does, you have to evolve once you beet darkria and go to electavire and go under remember and aura sphere will be under it [P.S. if your starter Pokemon is a riolu the only way to evolve is with a sun ribbin which is hard to get, so to make it easy go to this website www. Pokemon explorers of the sky wonder mail s generater .com

Is it possible to hatch a Riolu with Aura Sphere?

question is, is aura sphere an egg move? I don't think so. >It is an egg move

What level does riolu learns aura sphere in Pokemon mystery dungeon explors of sky?

well first, you have to complete amp plants dungeon. after that your riolu shuld be at level 25 - 46 to learn aura sphere. and another way is to grow riolu to level 34 to 46 and go to electivires link shop and then click on remember and it'll be there

What Level does Lucario learn Aura Sphere?

you can teach him aura sphere by ging to PWT near driftveil city and talk to this girl and she could make Lucario learn aura sphere.

How many levels until riolu evoles?

You have to trian it at max happines before lv 37 or your lucario won`t learn aura sphere

What level does Lucario learn aura sphere in diamond?

27 my lucario learnt aura sphere lv37

Can Lucario learn aura spin?

If you mean Aura Sphere, then yes.

Can Arceus learn aura sphere?

yes Arceus can learn aura sphere because it is the god of pokemon. Also Arceus can learn 529 moves out of 559 moves

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