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Q: Did your cat stop breastfeeding to soon?
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Does your menstrual cycle stop when you stop breastfeeding?

No. There´s a old rumor that you can´t get pregnant while breastfeeding and you can. After you´ve stopped breastfeeding your period should be normal.

Is it dangerous for a breastfeeding mother to use cat?

your pillow

When should you start breastfeeding your cat?

Really this is a question?

Can you use frontline on a cat that is breastfeeding kittens?

yes you can

If your breastfeeding but haven't had a period can you get pregnant?

Yes, as soon as you ovulate you can get pregnant.

How soon after giving birth do you get your period?

After a month if you are not breastfeeding, but if you do it will take longer for you to menstruate.

What age do babies stop breastfeeding?

There is no real set age when babies stop breastfeeding. It can be up to the mother, or the baby can ween his/herself. In my personal opinion, I would stop breastfeeding when the baby can eat solid food, and/or drink out of a cup. Or maybe even when he or she can say that they are thirsty. But every mother and baby are different.

What should you do if your outdoor cat starts to vomit non stop?

Take your cat to the Veterinarian immediately! A cat that is constantly vomiting is a serious cause for concern, and needs treatment as soon as possible.

How do you know if baby is satisfied after breastfeeding?

Your baby will stop feeding when it is satisfied.

Do breast milk stop ovulation?

Yes, you will notice that while breastfeeding you will not menstruate. However, don't assume that you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding.

When should breastfeeding begin?

Breastfeeding should begin as soon as possible after birth, and should continue every two to three hours. However, all babies are different.

What is safe to take for excess gas if you are breastfeeding?

Stop drinking gas. It will kill you.

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