Die Rouladen haben gut geschmeckt Danke?

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The beef olives tasted nice, thank you
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What does 'Das haben wir gleich' mean?

Literally, 'we have that directly.' . But in context probably something along the lines of, 'We have that in common.'. Second opinion . The translations that retain the correct meaning are "That's no trouble to fix" or "It will be easy and quick to repair".. Third opinion. It totally depends o ( Full Answer )

Where does the origin dank come from?

Dank came from the dankest dank of the dank god. Which the dank god give dank to everyone. So everyone has dank and the dankest dank.

How long would it take to die from a bullet wound to the gut?

Under a common principle of law, any death later than "a-year-and-a-day" after the shooting would be unrelated. Complications from trauma can cause a delayed and painful death years later, or a deep blood vessel or spine penetration could kill very quickly.

Is Haben a name?

Not only is it the German word to "have", It is also a German family name. There are about 365 people in Germany by that name.

What is a gut?

the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus is called the gut.

How do you remove the dank smell of food?

Removing the dank smell of food from your home takes some openwindows and plenty of Lysol. First keep the windows open for aslong as possible to dry the air and remove the smells. Then, sprayall surface areas, including the garbage can, with Lysol.

What does danke soh mean?

" Dankeschön " Translates as " thank Yo u". " Danke sehr " means "thank you very much".

What does the German phrase 'gut danke' mean?

" Gut Danke " translates as " fine, thank you " " Gut Danke " would be the reply to the question how are you: " Wie gehts " or " Wie geht es Ihnen ".

Definition of dank?

Any weed that isn't merch, dank is about 20 a gram sometimes cheaper. Dro is mostly known as dank.

What does Danke mean?

Thanks (informal) Thank you (formal) A good reply to this is "Bitte" meaning you are welcome (it can also mean "excuse me")

Dank in a sentence?

We are transforming our dark, dank basement into a bright new playroom for the kids.

What does this say hallo wie haben seit you?

"Hallo, wie haben seit du?" is an ungrammatical sentence without any discernable meaning. Hallo - Hello wie - how haben - to have (infinitive) seit - since du - you

What is the response to danke schön?

There are two different answers depending on what someone is thanking you for. If someone is handing/ giving something to you the response should be bitte or bitte sch ön . If they are thanking you for doing something/ a favor, then the response is gern geschehen . (The answer here before ( Full Answer )

What does your gut do?

It tells you how you are feeling. Like people say they have a gut feeling. When we aree nervous we get butterflies, or when we are in love. You feel certain things that you cannot put into words. I think that is what your 'gut' does. Do you mean "gut" as in "stomach" or "gut"? If you mean stomach ( Full Answer )

When did Irene Gut Opdyke die?

Irene Gut Opdyke passed away from liver disease on May 17, 2003 in California at the age of 81.

How old is Haben Abraham?

US singer Haben Abraham ( the EriAm Sisters ) is 20 years old.She was born August 6, 1997.

What verbs take Haben?

Haben is the general rule for past tense verbs, with the exceptions of verbs that involve transit. Sein and bleiben are the other two exceptions. ======= The German verbs haben, sein, and werden are called Hilfsverben (auxilliary verbs). They are used to form the perfect, past perfec ( Full Answer )

Do horses usually die from twisted gut?

Yes, if surgery isn't done soon enought. I wish the answer was no, but this is very serious. It is like a person with a ruptured appendix. It has to be diagnosed before it can be fixed. Most local vets do not have the facilities for equine abdominal surgery and the horse must be trailered to a unive ( Full Answer )

What does ich bin gut danke mean?

Ich bin gut danke makes little sense but translates as I'm good (at doing something) thank you Mir geht es gut, danke translates as I'm well/fine/ok/good thank you

What does und fur die deutsch frauen ich verstehe gut deutsche in?

The grammar in the question is very poor so I can only try to guess what you're trying to say as the sentence structure appears to be English and not German. Und für die deutschen Frauen verstehe ich gut deutsch - and for the German women I understand German well

Danke für Deine Freundschaftsannahme?

Freundschaftsannahme is a German internet expression that does not have any real use in day-to-day life. It is used after a friendship request has been accepted. It is made up of the words Freundschaft meaning friendship, and Annahme meaning acceptance. Danke für Deine Freundschafts ( Full Answer )

Glucklich geburtstag chanela ich denke an dich an diesem tag sie sind die besten einen guten tag haben liebe dich claudia?

It would appear that the question has been created using an online translator (looks like babel fish to me - great for a laugh, nothing more!) I think what you want to say is: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Chanela, Ich denke heute an Dich, Du bist die Beste. Ich wünsche Dir eine schönen Tag. Ich ( Full Answer )

Wielen dank fur die blumen wielen dank wie liebt von dir?

It´s not exactly correct, I think you want the translation from the Tom & Jerry Jingle. Its: Vielen Dank, für die Blumen. Vielen Dank, wie lieb von Dir! Means: Thank´s (a lot) for the flowers. Thank´s (a lot), how/very kind of you!

What does danke für die freundschaft mean?

for my oxfordshoolenglish means a lot - thank U because i don't understand for excample coockney or how ever your slang's works in UK - ok!? I'm proud to understand the answereof my question! i thank U as well - in German language means: vielen Dank für die Information :) dirk

When do you use haben?

in german, in the past tense when there isn't a change of state (: x

Do they have a drug test for dank incense?

I know for a fact that the main active substance that they look for is.. jwh... make sure that u just buy the one that doesn't have this.. and they only test this in labs

What is the most dank weed there is?

Legend has it that the dankest of the dank is the White Widow strand! A bud so strong it feels like a hallucinogen. It contains so much THC that it is literally white! the THC content is normally between 20 and 30 percent. Most good chronic is 15-20. Not many people can get there hands on this beast ( Full Answer )

Is Bob the builder dank?

yes bob the builder is rather dank ak. With his yellow hat and that but on the other hand so is Fred flinstone tbf/ bobs dank freds fit end of.

Viele grüße und paß bei mir gut auf danke?

Viele grüße und pass bei mir gut auf danke makes little sense in German, it translates as Best wishes and be very wary of me, thank you . The verb bei jemandem aufpassen is colloquial and tanslates as: to be wary of someone to beware someone to be careful of someone n.b. followin ( Full Answer )

Und paß bei mir gut auf danke?

und pass bei mir gut auf danke makes little sense in German, it translates as and be very wary of me, thank you . The verb bei jemandem aufpassen is colloquial and tanslates as: to be wary of someone to beware someone to be careful of someone n.b. following the German orthograp ( Full Answer )


Depending on context, Wir haben geheiratet.... can be tanslated as: We have married We got married

What is the positive connotation of dank?

Although normally derogatory, Dank is sometimes used by marijuana smokers to mean a good thing...as in that was "dank" weed, aka strong potent, or sometimes, still wet. It has hence spread to popular culture, to be applied to anything that is really good. I'm personally kind of annoyed by the term! ( Full Answer )

Was sei haben ein herzschmerzen?

This is not correct German, nor is it asking for a translation. I think it's just spam, but if I had to translate something, I'd switch it to "Haben Sie Herzschmerzen?" This translates into "Are you having heart pains?"

What does haben sie mean in germen?

"Do you have". "haben" means have, in this case conjugated in the "Sie" form, and"Sie" means "you", "she", or "they". In this case since it's aquestion though it means "you".

What actors and actresses appeared in Haben - 1964?

The cast of Haben - 1964 includes: Willem Fricke as Eisenbahner Dieter Geissler as Blonder junger Mann Heinrich Gretler as Nachbar David Renate Grosser as Witwe Biro Hanne Hiob as Zsofi Erwin Linder as Feldwebel Evelyn Meyka as Enkelin Rozi Horst Michael Neutze as Maurer Annemarie Schradiek as Witwe ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Fremdes Land oder Als die Freiheit noch zu haben war - 1982?

The cast of Fremdes Land oder Als die Freiheit noch zu haben war - 1982 includes: Andrea Clausen as Gisela Campbell Lane as Johnson Evelyn Meyka as Frau Wagner Heinz Rabe as Vater Broschat Rainer Schmitt as Erich Domski Paul Soles as Mr. Steinberg Heinz Theo Branding as Reverend Marlow Michael Weber ( Full Answer )

What has the author Ute Dank written?

Ute Dank has written: 'Rhetorische Elemente in den Predigten Bertholds von Regensburg' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, German Sermons, History, History and criticism, Medieval Sermons, Middle High German, Preaching, Sermons, Sermons, German, Sermons, Medieval

What are dank memes?

Dank memes are when regular internet memes are altered to soundlouder or completely changed to give the viewer a sort of paranoiathat changes into laughter.