Diesel fuel makes how many pounds of CO2 per gallon?


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Each gallon of Diesel Fuel makes 22.2 pounds of CO2

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If you are asking about diesel fuel, one gallon of diesel fuel weighs about 7 pounds.That's the American gallon, a British gallon of diesel would weigh about 8 pounds.

Diesel fuel weighs about 7.1 pounds per gallon, so a liter, of which there are 3.8 in a gallon, would weigh about 1.9 pounds.

The density of petroleum diesel fuel is about 0.85 kilograms per litre (7.09 pounds per gallon).

About 7 pounds (it's lighter than water).

About 7.15 pounds. The density of No. 2 diesel fuel is 850 grams/liter = 1.874 pounds/liter = 7.15 pounds per US gallon. Regular gasoline is considerably less dense coming in at 6.0 to 6.3 pounds per gallon.

btu per pound * pounds per gallon OK, it sounds as if you know the value of fuel in oil btu per pound.Now find out how much a gallon of fuel oil weighs and multiply the btu value x that weight in pounds and that is the value per gallon. Or simply, diesel fuel is #2 fuel oil which contains 140,000 btu per gallon.

One gallon of diesel fuel is calculated by truck drivers to weigh 8 pounds.

The average weight of one gallon of #2 fuel oil is 7.2 pounds. Water weighs 8.34#/gal.

I included to related links. It is about 7.1 pounds per gallon, so if you know the pounds, then multiply by 0.1408 to get gallons. This isn't exact, as diesel fuel will vary. One link suggests a good range is 7.1 to 7.3 pounds per gallon.

One gallon of diesel fuel is equal to 139,200 BTU. The man who invented the compression-ignition engine was Rudolf Diesel. This is where diesel fuel gets its name.

Based on Type 2 diesel fuel, one Imperail gallon of fuel will weight 8.93 lbs

Nothing can weigh in gallons . 300 gallons of diesel is weighed in pounds or Kilos, and is about 7.0 pounds per US Gallon, - DEPENDING on temperature and SPECIFIC GRAVITY of that diesel fuel. - So ultimately 300 gallons of diesel will weigh between 2,070 and 2,160 pounds.

Diesel fuel weighs about 7.1 pounds per gallon, so a liter, of which there are 3.8 in a gallon, would weigh about 1.9 pounds.---Since a litre (liter) is a metric measure, best to keep the whole answer in metric, don't you think?A litre (liter) of diesel fuel weighs 832grams, or 0.832kg..8 kgms/ ltr depending on fuel densityDiesel has a density of around 900gl-1, at about 20oC, so one litre of diesel would weigh about 0.9kg.

around 7.3 pounds, management/morons think it is lighter but they don't haul it.

Depends on the API gravity. During the summer, diesel will weigh between 6.951 (API 38) and 7.076 (API 35) pounds per gallon.

1 gallon of jet fuel weighs 6.79 pounds.

In 2001, the US national average price of a gallon of diesel fuel was $1.40 - equivalent to about $1.72 per gallon in 2010.

One US gallon of diesel fuel contains 3.785 liters.

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