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Around 3 pounds of CO2 are emitted by open air burning of one pound of tire.

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Q: How much CO2 emitted by burning one pound of tire?
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How much CO2 is imitted from 1 ton of burning tire?

Burning one 20lb tire releases 60lbs of CO2.

What is wrong when driving that you smell and see burning from the back tire?

You may have a defective tire or your rear brakes are out of adjustment and not releasing properly

Is life span of tire depend only on mileage or age of tire?

No, other factors that limit the life of a tire are failure to keep it properly inflated, poor wheel alignment and "burning rubber".

How much force is required if you are pulling a 500 pound tractor tire with a chain?

The main determinant is the resistance which depends on the condition of the sil. Whether you are pulling with a chain or a rope is irrelevant.

What is the margin of error on tire manufacturing?

Typically there is a margin of error with tires and tire manufacturers of just 1mm in width or 1 pound per square inch. This margin of error is dependant on whether it is the width of the tire or the air within the tire.

How much does goodyear charge for a used tire?

How much Goodyear charges for a used tire depends on the type of tire being purchase and the city in which it is purchased.

How much air in a tire is .9 lbs?

use a tire gauge to measure that ,but it is not very much air if it's in a automobile tire.

What does tire pressure mean in a bicycle?

how much air is in the tire

How much does a NASCAR tire cost?

$400.00 per tire

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