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Commercial Insurance is for a business. (general liability, worker's comp, etc.) The term "non-commercial" insurance isn't generally used. There is commercial insurance and personal insurance (i.e. homeowners, personal auto)

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2007-10-24 02:26:03
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Q: Diffenance in commercial and non commercial insurance?
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How old do you have to be for commercial insurance?

there is no age if you own a business you can get commercial insurance

What kind of vehicles does Autonet Insurance specialise in?

Autonet Insurance specializes in the commercial automobile market. This includes fleet vehicle insurance, commercial vehicle insurance and commercial van insurance.

What is Commercial non owners insurance?

There are several different ways of looking at commercial- what's the application, what are we talking- in what direction? There are different ways of looking at Commercial.`~Could be apartments, strip center commercial buildings, etc...=)

Where can one find nonowners insurance?

One can find "non owners" insurance from the following sources: Non Owners Insurance, Progressive Commercial, Cars Direct, Best Car Coverage, NASDAQ, Insure Me, First Acceptance Corp., to name a few.

Does a non-profit org need liability insurance for its charter groups?

Call a local Commercial agent and ask them!

Where can one get commercial trucking insurance?

There are several places one can get commercial trucking insurance. These include Progressive Commercial, OOIDA Trucking Insurance, 1st Guard, and Royal Truck Insurance.

Where can one get commercial vehicles insurance?

There are many insurance companies which provide insurance for commercial vehicles. Progressive, MetLife, and Geico are all companies which offer insurance to commercial vehicle owners.

Where can I get commercial vehicle insurance?

Many auto insurance companies offer commercial vehicle insurance. For example, Geico offers commercial vehicle insurance. You can talk to your local agents too.

What should a commercial car insurance include?

A car insurance commercial should include a number of things. A car insurance commercial should include the cost of the insurance and what exactly the insurance would cover in the event of an accident.

Where can one hire commercial insurance agents?

Commercial insurance agents may be hired from your preferred insurance company depending on your particular requirements. One possible source is The Hartford or Commercial Insurance.

Where can I find cheap commercial truck insurance?

You can find cheap commercial truck insurance at

Where can I find good Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

You can find great rates on commercial insurance at

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