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Call a local Commercial agent and ask them!

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Q: Does a non-profit org need liability insurance for its charter groups?
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What is an insurance group?

An insurance group is a company that offers basic protection. The protection can come in many forms as:Health Insurance groups, Auto Insurance Groups, Home and Equity insurance groups.

Are nonprofit grants only available to nonprofit groups?

To the best of my knowledge, nonprofit grants are availble only to non profit groups. If it is a private or for profit buisness, then grants may be available only when a part of the icome is used for either charity purpose or in some cases research and developement that has a non profit motive.

What are three car insurance groups available to you in Miami FL?

There are many insurance groups available in Miami. Three are Mercury Insurance Group, Amfam, and Progressive. Many insurance groups are national in their scope, so you may find better values by looking for national insurance groups.

What is charter in social studies?

Charters are several groups of Merchants

How do car insurance groups affect the cost of your insurance?

Insurance groups negoitiate for lower prices for the members of the group. Therefore if you are a part of the group it will decrease the cost of your insurance.

What is an example of a sentence using the word charter?

So, first ever draft was made. Charter was designed very carefully.

Where can one get insurance groups for cars?

Insurance groups for cars can be obtained at any accredited insurance company. For example, Geico and Metlife offer these services at reasonable rates.

What is a risk retention group?

Liability insurance companies owned by their policyholders. Membership is limited to people in the same business or activity, which exposes them to similar liability risks. The purpose is to assume and spread liability exposure to group members and to provide an alternative risk financing mechanism for liability. These entities are formed under the Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986. Under law, risk retention groups are precluded from writing certain coverages, most notably property lines and workers' compensation. They predominately write medical malpractice, general liability, professional liability, products liability and excess liability coverages. They can be formed as a mutual or stock company, or a reciprocal.

When Target donates 5 percent of its federally taxable income to nonprofit groups the company is highlighting its?

Social Responsibility

What are the four groups that could not become colonist in Georgia's charter?

Catholics, Blacks, Liquor Dealers, and Lawyers. could not become colonists under the charter of 1732.

Can you tell me a Florida charter boat service that could accommodate a large group?

There are several Charter boat companies in Florida that can handle large groups. I would try Bareboat charter boats they are one of the best in the area.

Which car insurance groups are cheapest?

Many car insurance groups offer competitive car insurance rates. Your age, type of car, and driving history can have a positive or negative impact on your rate.

How are car insurance groups regulated?

Car insurance groups are often regulated through an association and will have to adhere to certain state or federal laws so it is best to check for local groups to find out how they are regulated

What did King James the first grant to groups of merchants to organize settlements in an area in America?

A Charter

What collective rights do official language groups have under the charter?

The have rights just like you and me :3

Are Medicare and Medicaid private insurance groups?

Both Medicare and Medicaid are government insurance programs.

Granted a charter in 1628 the Massachusetts Bay Colony became a haven for what interest groups?

Plantation farmars

How are cars divided into insurance groups?

Cars are divided into insurance groups by such things age of car, price of car and make of car.If the car is a sporty car the insurance might feel it will be driven differently that a work, or family car.

What does the insurance group 1E mean?

Insurance groups range from1-20. 1 being the cheapest.

Who offers liability insurance for professional organizers?

There is an organization called the National Association of Professional Organizers. It offers a variety of benefits, including liability insurance, medical discount cards (which are NOT insurance) and other things. You may want to start with them, as the insurers with which they deal are likely to be familiar with your trade and have tailored policies. That said, you must be very careful that any insurance that you get is written by a licensed insurer; that is, the entity financially responsible for the payment of claims must be licensed by one or more state insurance departments. There is a sordid history of fraud in the insurance market-including health insurance-and often when insurance is sold to and through affinity groups. You may also go to a licensed insurance broker to investigate coverage. A broker generally represents a variety of insurers, and is more likely to have a market for the insurance that you seek. In contrast, an "agent" usually represents only one or a couple of insurers and will have less of a choice of markets.

What types of services does Norton Insurance offer?

Norton Insurance offers insurance products. Among them are health insurance for employer groups and individuals. Home, auto and personal insurance are offered for individuals.

Where can I find information, as I'm interested in e insurance?

E insurance is just one in a million different insurance groups you can branch out from. E insurance is an internet based business that sells insurance.

Are labor unions nonprofit or for profit corporations?

They are advocacy groups. Labor Unions are classified by the IRS as 501(c)5. Nonprofits have a different classification 501(c)3. Labor Unions are a citizen sector organization. They are neither nonprofit or for profit, but they are non-for-profit.

Which of these groups of drivers would have the highest insurance rates?


What member benefit is offered by some interest groups?