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Difference between Boeing 747 or 777?

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the 747 is larger than the 777 and has 2 decks, but the two planes are made by Boeing.

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What is bigger a 777 or 747?

The number 777 is bigger than 747 The Aircraft Boeing 747 is bigger than the Boeing 777

Is the Boeing 777 louder than the Boeing 747?

no, because boeing 777 has more advanced technology than the boeing 747

What is the length of a Boeing 777 and 747?

Boeing 777-200,200ER,200LR and 777 Freighter = 63.7 m longBoeing 777-300,300ER = 73.9 m longBoeing 747-100,200B,300,400,400ER = 70.6 m longBoeing 747-8 = 76.4 m long

What is the difference between Boeing 777-300 and Boeing 777-200?

The Main difference is that the Boeing 777-300 is bigger and can seat more passengers.

Which is bigger Boeing 777 or Boeing 747?

The 777 (Triple - Seven) is a very long airliner but the 747 is much bigger in size. A 777-300er can carry 550 A 747-400er can carry 500 A 747-8I can carry 600

What is the difference between Boeing 777-300 and Boeing 777-300er?

The main difference is that the 777-300ER is a longer ranged version of the 777-300.

What is better Boeing 737 or Boeing 777?

777 is bigger than a 737. from smallest to largest 737, 757, 767, 777, 747 It goes like this (from small to big) 737, 757, 787, 767, 747, 777

Is Boeing 747 or 777 is bigger?

777-300 can carry 550 passengers; 747-400 can carry 400 passengers

What company makes the 747 passenger jet and 777?


How many engines are in a Boeing 747engines how many 777?

A 747 has 4 engines, the 777 has 2.

Is the Boeing 777 that crashed bigger than the 747?

yes because the 777 is a larger aircraft

What is the aircraft type for cx257?

In summer it's Boeing 747-400s....In winter it's Boeing 777-300ERs or Boeing 747-400s or sometimes A340-300s.

What planes have british airways have?

Boeing 737, Boeing 747-500, Boeing 777, Airbus A230, Airbus A330

What type of planes does KLM have?

Boeing 777 MD-11 DC-10-10 boeing 747

Does Boeing 777 has two decks?

No, only the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 have 2 decks that are flying today.

Is a Boeing 777 better than a Boeing 767?

The Boeing 777 is the next evolution in aircraft design. It was meant to fill the gap left in the Boeing lineup between the smaller 767, and the larger 747. it competes directly with Airbus' A340 family, and the higher capacity range A330.

Which is louder 747-400 or 777-300ER?

the Boeing 747-400 because it has 4 engines not 2

Which fuel does Boeing 777 use?

The Boeing 777 uses an airplane grade of diesel similar to that of diesel trucks. Type #2 Kerosene is the diesel fuel used for the Boeing 777. The Boeing 777 has a higher fuel capacity and is more efficient at fuel consumption than earlier models like the 747.

What are the three largest commercial planes?

Airbus A380, Boeing 747, Boing 777

What is Boeing's future?

Boeing is working on two new aircraft: 1) The Boeing 787-size between the 767 and 777 2) The Boeing 747-8-a newer bigger version of the 747-400 They are working very hard to deliver as many aircraft as possible.

Is the Boeing 777 bigger than the 747?

Yes and no. Boeing makes multiple models of both aircraft. It really depends on the model. To answer in short the largest Boeing 777 in production is longer and wider than any 747 ever made to date. The 777-200s and 777-300s are currently the largest Commecial Airliner Boeing makes, however Boeing has indicated that a few new models of the 747 are on the drawing board that may bring it back to the top of the chart. See Boeing's Website (They provide detailed specs and diagrams)

Which aircraft is newer the 777 or 744?

You probably meat the Boeing 747 and 777 (triple seven). The 777 is newer having flown first in May 26, 1995. The 747 flew first in the late 60s.

Which better Boeing 747 or Boeing 777?

It really depends on what you're looking for. The Boeing 747 has a large seating capacity, it is comfortable, stable, and great for long range flights. The Boeing 777 is popular aircraft that airlines are using to replace the 747 in long range flights because of it's efficiency and low fuel consumption. Overall, I like the 747 better because it's more spacious, safe, and confortable.

Where can you get a free Boeing 747 or 777 in British Airways Livery on Flight Simulator X?


Can a boeing 747 go halfway around the world?

No, it needs a Boeing 777-200LR to do that and it was done recently -twice in succesion. In other words the Boeing 777 went completely round the world with only 1 stop. The route was from Boeing Seattle with a refuel in Bangladesh. The 747 can get just over 1/3rd of the way around the world.