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Buddhism is an ancient religion that touts the benefits of meditation and clean living. Western medicine often seeks to repair the body with drugs and surgeries.

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Q: Difference between Buddhism and western medicine?
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What is the difference between scientific and western medicine?

Western medicine is a scientific based practice focused on the identification of symptoms to aid diagnosis. Eastern medicine, on the other hand, includes homeopathy, acupressure, reflexology, and other such practices.

What are the differences between Eastern and Western medicine?

The major difference between Eastern and Western medicine is that in Eastern medicine the focus is on balance. The body and mind should be in balance with the environment surrounding it. Eastern physicians strive to cultivate this balance, thereby eliminating illness and disease. In Western medicine, the balance of body and mind is not considered, so illness and disease are approached as needing to be "fixed" when broken. Bio-energy is not recognized as an important factor in Western medicine either. Eastern medicine strives for prevention and Western medicine does not.

What is the difference between western scientific medicine to others?

Western scientific medicine uses pills and technological advances to treat the physical disruptions to the body. Holistic medicine treats the mind, spirit, and the body. Alternative medicine uses herbs, or small doses of medicine at a time.?æ

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