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Same thing except LCD TVs are televisions by themselves while LCD monitors can serve as either a television OR a computer monitor.

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A liquid display crystal monitor is also known as a crt monitor

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Q: Difference between a LCD TV and a LCD monitor?
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Difference between lcd monitor and lcd tv?

The monitor does not include the tuner to pick up radio signals, required for TV. Otherwise, they are the same. Most modern LCD TVs can be used as a computer monitor, bypassing the tuner.

Is it possible to connect a TV tuner card to be used for CRT monitor to LCD monitor?

Yes. As long as the output is VGA. There is no difference in the standard between CRT and LCD.

Can you switch between monitor and LCD tv?

Yes, but the LCD TV needs to have a VGA input.

What are some of the differences between a computer monitor and an LCD TV monitor?

The main difference between a computer monitor and an LCD TV monitor is the pixel density, which is nearly twice as high on a computer monitor. This is the main reason that a computer monitor is more expensive. In addition, most computer monitors have a 16:10 aspect ratio, while TV monitors have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

What is the biggest difference between an LED and LCD television?

LCD television's are brighter than LED television. That is the biggest difference between an LED and LCD television. Another big difference is the quality of the television.

Can I watch tv on an LCD monitor?

Yes, as long as the lcd monitor has the proper connections.

What is the difference between a plasma and LCD tv?

A plasma TV is better than a LCD TV. haha! :-)

What is the life difference between lcd TV and led TV?

lcd having more life then led.

What is an lcd panel and how is it used?

An LCD panel is actually a LCD screen that is part of your computer monitor or LCD Television. There are different types of screens such as plasma as well, but to answer your question, an LCD panel is the LCD screen on your monitor or television (provided it is an LCD model).

What is the difference between Plasma vs Lcd?

Plasma TVs have a higher resolution than LCD TVs. Learn more at

What is the difference between LCD and plasma.?

The difference between a plasma and widescreen lcd tv is that a plasma has less of a viewing range. They both have great video quality.

Can I use my lcd tv monitor with my home computer?

Yes, you can indeed use your lcd monitor with your home computer. It is very popular.

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