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Q: Difference between a yak and a water buffalo?
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What is the difference between Yak and Water Buffalo?

a yak is from Tibet and china the water buffalo is from Africa.

What is the difference between a yak and water buffalo?

it's like cool stuff

What is the difference between yaks and water buffalos?

a yak is from Tibet and china the water buffalo is from Africa.

What is different about a yak and a water buffalo?

ones a yak. and ones a buffalo.

What are the similarities between a Yak and Water Buffalo?

The corresponding similarities for yak/water buffalo are from 84.9 to 98.6%. In the related links box below, I posted the whole analisis.

What is stronger a buffalo or a yak?

Buffalo, usually.

What is the difference in a yak and a water buffalo?

Yaks are very hairy creatures, with very long hair and a large hump over their shoulders. Water buffalo have very short hair, long horns that splay towards their back, and quite a bit larger than a yak. Water buffalo are found in the tropics, whereas yaks are found in the cold mountainous regions of Nepal and Mongolia.

What is the difference between camel and yak?

A camel is taller than a yak moreover a camel's family is camelidae but a yak's family is bovidae.

What animal that looks like a buffalo starts with the letter y?

A yak

How are yak and water buffalo alike?

They are both big hairy creatures related to cattle and deer

Is mozzarella cheese made from yak's milk?

This is an Italian cheese made from domesticated Water Buffalo milk

The difference between a yak and an ox?

The difference is that a yak is essentially a wilder, shaggier ox. Yaks are a specific type of oxen that differ mainly in scientific classification.

Why are yak and water buffalo the same?

They are the "same" by the fact that they belong in the same Family being Bovidae. However, more specifically, yaks and water buffalo are not the same, actually. Yak and water buffalo are two distinct species of bovids. One lives in Nepal and Mongolia, the other is found in the south and east regions of Asia, like in Taiwan and India.

How many animal have four nipples?

camel, buffalo, cow

Is a water buffalo bigger than a yak?

when full grown they both stand about 2 metres tall at the shoulder and weigh 1200Kgs

Is the buffalo related to the yak?

The relationship is that they are both members of the Cattle family

Do cheese come from cow?

Some cheese comes from cows. it can also come from goats, sheep, camels, yak, water buffalo, moose or reindeer

What animal has horns and looks like a buffalo?

Yak? Mountain goat? They're both fuzzy and have horns (I'm pretty sure the yak does..) Yeah, you are right, but I think the idea is a bison. The Americans even call bison buffalo. But real buffalo have much bigger horns.

What is a sentence for the word bovine?

Besides domestic cattle, the subfamily bovine includes bison, water buffalo, yak, and the four-horned and spiral-horned antelopes.

What animal is related to a cow?

The animals that are the most closely related to the domestic bovine is the gaur, Cape and Water Buffalo, muskox, banteng, gayal, yak, and the Zebu.

What animal gives us milk?

Cows, Sheep, Goat, Yak, and even Camels and Buffalo

Who are the members of the Bovine family?

The Bovine family is commonly associated with domestic cattle but also includes the bison, the water buffalo, the yak, and the four-horned and spiral-horned antelopes.

Which is the animal that is a 3 letter word and it ends with an AK?

The yak is a hairy mammal that resembles a buffalo or ox.

What animals can you ride?

horse, zebra, mule, elephant, cow, buffalo, ostrich, camel, lama, yak, tortoise,

What is tiger prey?

deer moose yak camels leopards wild boar these are tigers prey. Buffalo pythons