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An accountant is a finance professional who can work for a company or can set up an individual practice to provide accounting services. An accounts officer is a person who is in charge of accounts of a particular company.

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What is the difference between an Accounts officer and an accountant?

There in no difference between an accounts officer and an accountant other than the job level. They both provide account management services.

What is the difference between An Accountant and a Finance officer?

What is the difference between An Accountant and a Finance officer?

What different between officer and coordinator?

difference between admin officer and admin coordinator\

What is the difference between administrative and administration officer?

The difference between administrative and administrative officer is the same. The administrative and administrative officer basically provides a number of services that are essential in the running of a given company.

Difference between hr officer and hr executive?

Can you explain what is the different between HR officer & HR Executove

Who comes under gazetted officer?

chartered Accountant

What is the difference between a birth certificate and certificate of birth?

Both terms mean the same thing. Just as there's no difference between an "officer of the law" and a "law officer," there's no difference between a "birth certificate" and a "certificate of birth."

What is the difference between sales executive and sales officer?

The difference between a sales executive and sales officer will depend upon the company. Most times, a sales executive will have a higher position than a sales officer.

What is the work of an office staff?

senior Accounts Officer senior Accounts Officer global citi bank

Difference between administration officer and finance officer in public service?

I just want to understand the differrence between Admin and finance.

What is the difference between a probation officer and a parole officer?

A probation officer handles clients who are on probation. A parole officer handles people who are released on parole.

What is the difference between a lieutenant and a lieutenant colonel?

Quite a difference.. a Lieutenant is a junior officer, whereas a Lieutenant Colonel is a much more senior officer.

What is the difference between a cop and a police?

there is no difference it's just a nickename for a law enforcment officer

What is an accountant general?

An accountant general is a head or superintending accountant in certain public offices, or an officer in the English court of chancery who received the moneys paid into the court, and then into the bank of England.

What is the difference between a Mountie and a police officer?

"Mountie" is just a slang term for a police officer who works for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Mounties are police officers. There is no difference between the two.

What is the difference between credit officer and loan officer?

credit officer assesses the capacity to pay of the client. loan officer extends loans to the assessed cleint

Who is the Chief Accounting Officer?

The senior accountant within a company or organisation.

What is the difference between a certified and non certified police officer?


Is there a difference between safety officer and safety advisor?

Safeto officer polices safety advisor advisors on safety

What is the difference between human resource management and personal relation officer?

one is a human resource manager and the other one is a personal relation officer ... the difference is quite clear

Is a divisional accounts officer II in central govt is gazetted officer?


Who is the accounts officer of pmch dhanbad?

there is no acount officer in pmch dhanbad. it is an government hospital and there is a bunch of clerk like accountant, and cashier look after the acountancy matter and storekeeper and bill clerk help them when necessary Dr Arvind : Murli and Chandan da looking forward for all the administrative activity.

What is the difference between police force and police officer?

The police force is the organisation A police officer is one person in the police force

What is the difference between a staff sergeant and a captain in the British army?

A Staff Sergeant is a noncommissioned officer, whereas a Captain is a commissioned officer.

What does a new accounts officer of a bank do?

his job

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