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Java is an object-oriented language, without pointers, garbage collected.

C is a procedural language, with pointers, not garbage collected.

Basically, the standard distribution of Java compiles to C and then to machine code.

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Major difference between c and java?

Java is object oriented, C is not...

What is the difference between c plus plus and java programming?

Java doesn't have pointers. C++ has pointers.

Difference between java and C plus plus?

java is an advanced object oriented programming language than c++

What is difference between exception handling in C and Java?

Easy: there is no exception-handling in C.

What is the difference between C and java?

Java is pure object oriented language, and C++ is not, because you can access the private member of classes in c++ by using the friend function. There is no such function within java.

What are the similarities of java and c plus plus?

Most of the c++ is same as Java. but the major difference is c++ supports multiple inheritance whereas java does not. java only supports single level inheritance and multilevel inheritance there is a lot of difference between multiple and multilevel inheritance

What is difference between java 2 and java?

there is no difference between java2 and java. its same.

Difference between procedure and function in C or C plus plus or Java language?

In C there are functions only, In Java methodsonly (static methods as well), in C++ both.

What is the difference between java compiler and C compiler?

Greetings Technologist. The Java compiler compiles Java code, whereas the C compiler compiles C Code HTH Richard Wolf Software Architect

What is the difference between c header files and java packages?

They aren't similar from any aspect.

What is the difference between the c plus plus and java?

C plus supports the use of pointers, where as java does not. because the use of pointers may makes the coding difficult. C plus supports multiple inheritance. where as java does not supports multiple inheritance. java is platform independent.

What are the main differences between Java and C plus plus?

the difference is that c plus is better because you get big grades

Difference between Dynamic binding and message passing in java?

difference between inheritaens & pholimorephezem in java

What is the difference between javascript and java programming langugage?

JavaScript and java are 2 completely different things. JavaScript is in web pages to make it more interesting and java is a complex computing language devised from c + c++.

What is the difference between cc plus plus and java?

C is a procedure oriented language ,Where C++ & java are object oriented language.But java is platform independent.So generally C is called POP.C++ is called OOP.But java is OOP , which is platform independent.If java does not support primitive data type then it is called as pure object oriented language.

What is the relation between java c?

There is no real relation between Java and C. Java syntax is very similar to C syntax, but they don't really have anything to do with one another.

Tell you difference between c and java?

I'm guessing you're asking HOW a person can tell the difference between a C language and Java language program. C programs will be obvious... look for "include" statements at the top of the file... compare that to the keywords of the language and you're good to go. Java programs will have "import" statements at the top of the file... also compare keywords.

What is the difference between java and c sharp?

You can check out the wikipedia link provided in the related links for this question

What are the difference between C and Java?

The syntex of the two languages are different. Also they use different compilers.

Difference between c plus plus and java?

JAVA is very different from C++ because of following reasons. 1-) C++ is plateform depedent language but JAVA is plaateform independent language. 2-) JAVA is much secure in comparision to C++. 3-) JAVA uses JVM machine. 4-) Java genrate byte code from the source code which are further converted in to machine code.

What is difference between java 2 and java 5?

They are different versions. Java 5 is newer than Java 2. Think of it like the difference between the Playstation 1 and the Playstation 3.

What is the difference between basic java and advanced java?

few diff is....

What is the difference between coffee and java?

Nothing, java is another name for coffee.

What is the difference between connectivity in java?


What is difference between java and c?

The main differences between Java and C are speed, portability, and object-orientation. Java was created for the purpose of making a language that could be implemented on many different types of computers (cell phone, mac, PC, linux, etc.) C on the other hand can only be run on a computer of the same type as the one that compiled the program. One of the costs of this portability in Java is speed. On numerous benchmarks Java still lags behind C in terms of speed, but that gap is narrowing. Java is also object-oriented, whereas C is not. Java allows a user to create classes that contain data and methods. C is not capable of doing that.