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The definition of the structure in C is limited to within the module and cannot be initialized outside its scope. Where as in C++ you can initialize the objects anywhere within the boundaries of the project.

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The fundamental difference is that in C++ object-oriented programming (OOP) was added. C is a procedural language (that means. top-down structure design), where as C++, which is an extension of C itself, is an object oriented language.

C++ (C Plus Plus) is a high-level programming language, where a Data Structure is a way of organising and storing data so that it can used and manipulated quickly.

There are no such things as 'Windows C++' and 'Linux C++'

VC++ is Microsoft's implementation of C++.

You use a structure just as you would use a class in C++. The only real difference between the two is that a structure's members are public by default, while class members are private by default.

There is no such thing as devoid in C++.

There is no difference; to define an object in C++ you use the 'class' definition

Nothing whatsoever. They are exactly the same.

turbo c is a compiler and c++ is a programming language.

C# is inherited from c++ with some additional features

Well, C and C++ are programming languages, while C-- is not.

what is the difference between message passing and dynamic binding

Java doesn't have pointers. C++ has pointers.

C++ is a language. .NET is an environment. They are not really comparable.

the difference is that c plus is better because you get big grades

C and C++ are different programming languages, ANSI C is a standardized version of C.

Everything. Actually, there is no similarity between the two.

these are difference in between c and c++: a) C is a SPL and C++ is a OOP. b) C has not concept of object but C++ has this feature. c) C has not 'class' name data type but C++ has.

java is an advanced object oriented programming language than c++

from the extension of your file.If it has an extension of .cpp then it is a c++ programIf it's extension is .c, then it is a C program.

The basic control structure in C++ is the if statement.

A C struct can contain only data; a C++ class can contain both data and functions.

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