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The difference between a fourth generation of computer and a fifth generation of computer can be the size. It can also be a new operating system, new storage capacity, or just a new look.

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Difference between third generation of computer and fourth generation of computer?

third generation of computer are larger than fourth generation. they are slower than fourth generation. IC chips were used whereas in fourth generation microprocessor were used. fourth generation consumed less electricity than third generation. cost was drastically decreased. speed was increased.

What is the difference between fourth-generation languages and conventional programming languages?

difference between fourth generation language and conventional programming language

What is the difference between third generation and fourth generation computers?

Third Generation Computers were made out of Integrated Circuits and Fourth Generation Computers are made of Microprocessors.

What is the difference between a i pod touch third generation and a i pod touch fourth generation?

The I Pod touch third generation does not have a camera and the fourth generation has a camera. The fourth generation is also a lot more expensive...

Difference between third-generation language and fourth generation language?

The difference between the two are that one has hispanic babies and the other is a fat cow.

Differentiate between third generation of computers and fourth generation?

Differentiate between third generation of computers and fourth generation?"

How do you tell the difference between the ipod gen 3 and 4?

The third generation iPod doesn't have a camera in it but a fourth generation iPod does. The third generation iPod is also more thicker than the fourth generation iPod and it doesn't have as much features as the fourth generation iPod.

What is the difference between ipod touch 3rd generation and fourth generation?

that the 4g is a bit thinner, have built-in microphone and cameras

What is the difference between an apple iPod 3rd generation and apple iPod fourth generation?

The 4th generation has a camera on the front and the back, and its a little slimmer.

Difference between 3rd and 4th generation computers?

third generation - ICs from SSI to VLSIfourth generation - microprocessor ICs from LSI up

List and describe the different generation of the computer family?

The first generation is the Vacuum Tube Generation. The second generation is the Transistor Generation. The third generation is the Mini-Computer Generation. The fourth generation is the Micro-Computer Generation. The fifth generation (which we are half-way into) is the Nano-Computer Generation.

Which copmuter wonmachine of the year?

fourth generation computer

Is there any difference between the 8gb 32gb and 64gb fourth generation ipod touch besides memory?

It depends what generation it is. If its. 3rd generation or lower, there is a better processor. If its. 4th generation there is no diffrence

What is the evolution of fourth generation of computers till present?

The evolution of fourth generation of computer till date was the use of microchips as the memory capacity and this has helped in manufacturing of computer till date.

What is the difference between an iPod Nano 4th generation and an iPod Nano 5th generation?

the fifth generation has a video camera, FM radio with live pause, internal speakers, and a larger screen while the fourth generation does not.

What are the differences between fourth and fifth generation of computer?

4th generation of computers are acts as user define computers but 5th generation computers are act as automatic computers by means it doing its works automatically

Which generation of computer used LSI?

probably fourth, but after third people tend to differ on generation definitions.

What is era in computer?

We are currently in Fourth generation Era(1971 - Today)

Difference between third and Fourth-generation programming language?

The third-generation programming languages were primarily known for their hardware independence. "Fourth generation" was coined as a way to differentiate the then-new declarative languages that claimed to operate at higher levels and in a domain closer to the user.

What generation computer used transistors and microprocessors?

vacuum tubes, first generationtransistors, second generationintegrated circuits, third generationmicroprocessors, fourth generation

What are the characteristics of fourth generation computer?

microprocessors, either single or multi chip.

What is a computer genaration?

The history of computer is divided into 5 generations. First Generation 1941-1956 Second Generation 1956-1963 Third Generation 1964-1971 Fourth Generation 1971- Present Fifth Generation Present and Beyond

What are the 4 generation the age of computer?

First Generation- 1945-1956-Atansoff berry Computer. Second Generation-1956-1963-Transistors. Third Generation-1964-1971-Integrated circuits. Fourth Generation-1971-Present-Apple Macintosh.

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