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Difference between invention and discovery?

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Invention implies creating something which didn't previously exist. Discovery implies finding something which no one had found before.

You could have invented a telescope if you lived before it's inventors. You could use a telescope and discover an object which no one had noticed before.

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The difference between invention and discovery?

Invention is to make something new while discovery is to find something that is already existed.

What is the difference between an invention and discovery?

Invention makes or develops something that did not exist. Discovery finds real (non-abstract) things that are already exsistant.

What is the difference between 'discovery' and 'invention'?

Discovery - finding something, it already existedbut nobody knew about itInvention - making something, nobody had ever made something exactly like it before and it did not already exist

Difference between research discovery and invention?

Research is finding relation between founded items new relation but invent finding out of new points or things.

Ice cream is a discovery or invention?

it is a discovery not an invention

What is the invention or discovery of Yuri Milner?

what is the invention or discovery of Yuri Milner

What is difference between research and discovery?

Research is when you look for a specific answer but discovery is when you just get an answer without any research or clues. That's the difference between research and discovery.

What is the difference between an invention and a discoveries?

An invention is kinda something you made and found and will really make a difference to the word . Such as a discovery it means you have found a precious thing and its mysterious and this item could be from outer space or it could be something made millions of years ago!

What is the difference between innovation and invention?

there is no differnce

Is color tv an invention or discovery?


What was ancient mans greatest discovery?

Depends exactly on the definition of "Ancient Man", are we talking 5,000 years or 50,000 years? Also there is a difference between discovery and invention. Discovery is something which was already existing (normally something natural), whereas invention is something totally new. Invention: Anything from the knife blade, spears to the bow and arrow in "caveman" times, to the wheel a few thousand years ago. Discovery: Probably first place would go to fire.

The discovery of the cell was possible due to the invention of the?

The discovery of the cell was possible due to the invention of the microscope.

Invention and discovery?


Would a cure for aids be an invention or discovery?

it would be an invention

What is the difference between knowledge creation and knowledge discovery?

One is the CREATION & the other is DISCOVERY. Creation is what is made. Discovery is what they found out.

What is the difference between and invention an innovation?

An invention is something you create from scratch, while an innovation is an improvement on the original.

What invention led to the discovery of single-celled organisms?

The invention of the microscope paved the way for the discovery of the microscopic world.

What are synonyms of invention?

Other words for invention......gadget, contraption, idea, or discovery.

What invention led to the discovery of cells?

The Microscope

Trace the history of the discovery of the cell?

the invention

What invention aided in the discovery of the Americas?


Is gravity a discovery or an invention?

Discovery I think, ask Sir Issac Newton about the apple...

What is the invention that helped in the discovery of cells?

electron microscope

What invention made the discovery of the cell possible?

The answer is The Microscope.

What is the invention or discovery of Luis ma Guerrero?