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difference between gross irrigated area and net irrigated area

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Q: Difference between net irrigated area and gross irrigated area?
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Difference between net sown area and gross crop area?

Germination factor

Is there any difference between floor area and gross floor area?

floor is different...

What is the difference between gross internal floor area sqm and departmental gross square meters dgsm?

What is the difference in gross square meters and square meters

How do you use the word irrigated in a sentence?

He said that this area is no longer irrigated.

Which states of India have largest percentage of irrigated lands?

States of India who possess the largest area of irrigated lands are Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. They possess 60 to 100 percent area of irrigated lands.

Which state in India has the least irrigated area?


What is the difference between net floor area and gross floor area?

Net Area, is soley the working office space, gross area includes all (or a proportion of if a shared office) the 'circulatory' spaces including stairwells, lifts, toilets and entrance lobbys etc. Hope this answers your question.

Difference between gross internal floor area and gross floor area?

Gross floor area or Gross external floor area includes perimeter wall thicknesses and external projections, it excludes open balconies but includes open sided covered areas. Gross internal floor area includes the whole area enclosed within the external walls and includes open sided covered areas (should be shown separately), it also excludes any area with a ceiling height of less than 1.5m except under stairways.

What is difference between intensive and extensive land use?

Intensive land use are usually in the well watered coastal areas and inland irrigated area, while extensive land use are usually in the drier, inland areas.

Which crop has the largest percentage of irrigated area of its net sown area in India?


What is the definition of gross floor area?

It is the plinth area minus the area occupied by walls, ie., it is the area covered between the walls of a building.

How do you calculate gross living area?

Calculating gross living area can be a simple process. To calculate gross living area multiply the dimensions of the area together.

What is the difference between length and area?

length is long and area is width

Difference between net sown area and gross sown area?

Net Sown area is the total area sown with crops in a country. Area sown more than once is counted once only.Gross sown area is the area sown more than once in an agricultural year plus net sown area.

Difference between habitat and niche?

the difference between them is that a habitat is the area of the organism an a niche is the function of that organism

What is the difference between the Norman French and Parisian French?

There is no difference in the language between Normandy and the Parisian area.

What is the difference between apparent surface area and accepted surface area?


What is the difference between an area reference and a grid reference?

The difference between and area and grid reference is that an area reference always has 4 numbers, and a grid reference will always have 6 numbers

What is difference between retail area and carpet area?

Carpet area is carpet area and retail area is retail area

What is building load factor?

Believe it is gross residential area divided by gross building area.

What area being irrigated in the US that brought Mexicans to work was?

The Imperial Valley, in the state of California.

The difference in elevation between the highest and lowest parts of an area is its?

Which share had the largest difference between highest and lowest price over the last 12 months?

What is difference between NNN lease and gross lease?

In a NNN lease the tenant (person leasing the property) is liable for the taxes, insurance, and CAM (Common Area Maintenance) expenses. In a Gross Lease, the tenant pays a fixed amount of rent to the Landlord and has no other expenses to pay.

Difference between native and non native species?

The difference between native and non-native species is that native species are from that area and non-native species are not from that area.

What of an area is the difference in height between and lowest point?

If this is a horizontal area, it must be its height.