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Difference between port and socket?

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A port is a software address on a computer on the network--for instance, the News server is a piece of software that is normally addressed through port 119, the POP server through port 110, the SMTP server through port 25, and so on.

A socket is a communication path to a port. When you want your program to communicate over the network, you have given it a way of addressing the port and this is done by creating a socket and attaching it to the port.

Basically, socket = IP + ports Sockets provide access to the port+ip

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What is the difference between socket and port?

socket is nothing but a communicational end point.while port is like an address for a computer on networks

What is the difference between port and socket?

A socket is not a port, though there is a close relationship between them. A socket is associated with a port, though this is a many-to-one relationship. Each port can have a single passive socket, awaiting incoming connections, and multiple active sockets, each corresponding to an open connection on the port. Port identifies a service no. e.g.25 port no is for smtp

What is the difference between a socket and a coupling?

difference between coupling and socket

What is the difference between a serial port and a Bus?

A serial port is a side socket in which electrical current can be connected. A bus is a electrical device allowing connection and the transfer of information.

How do you identify difference between port and socket?

A socket is where the cpu plugs into. The socket holds the cpu and allows it to work in the motherboard to do calculations and management for the operating system. A port is an irq opening within the motherboard to allow certain devices that need a communication pathway to properly work. Example old serial port mouse needed a communication port to work properly with the motherboard and operating system.

What difference between 13Ampere socket outlet and 15Ampere socket outlet?

2 Amp

What is the difference between light sockets and plug sockets in the home?

what is the difference between plug ang socket?

List the serial and parellel port?

give the difference between serial port and parallel port

What is the difference between com port and serial port?

They are the same. Different name for the same port.

What is the difference between keyboard and the usb port?

well i don't think the question given is a correct question because like give the difference between the keyboard port and the usb port

What is the difference between port filtering and port forwarding?

It's cool and easier!

What is the difference between a port and a connector?

There is no difference the are actually just synonyms.

What is the difference between a PGA socket and a sPGA socket?

A PGA socket is a pin grid array and a SPGA is a staggered pin grid array.

What is the difference between port and terminal?

Terminal provides infrastructure for the port to handle containers.

What is the difference between LPT and com port?


What is the potential difference between the two holes in a wall socket?

It is 120V

What is the difference between a USB port and a parallel port?

usb has got 4 pins & serial port has 25 pins

What it the difference between a port and a phone line?

The telephone line is the medium. The port is the connection point.

Describe the difference between a PGA socket and an SPGA socket?

A PGA socket has pins aligned in uniform rows around the socket. Where an SPGA socket has pins staggered over the socket to squeeze more pins into a small space.

What is the port number for secure socket layer?

Secure Socket Layer is used by HTTPS which communicates over TCP port 443

What is the difference between Socket 478 and Socket LGA775?

The most distinguishable difference is that LGA775 is not technically a socket. In LGA775 systems, the motherboard is the one with the pins; the CPU is flat. Socket 478, like other PGA sockets, has the holes, while the pins are on the processor.

What is difference between 25pin and 9pin serial port?


What is microphone port?

On most computers and now games machines there is a PORT (Socket) for headphones and Microphone. In most the Mc socket (Port) is red and the speakers/headphones are blue or green.

What does the DV port look like on an you Mac?

It depends what you want to connect to the Mac. It could be the FireWire socket, a USB socket, or the DVI port .

What is difference between Serial port and parallel port difference?

In serial port : The Data flows continuously and In Parallel Port : The Data is transported as a pack. Hence for large data to be printed it is always preferable to use the serial port rather than the Parallel port.

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