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Differences between selling expenses distribution expenses?

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distributon expense is a part of selling expense. its comes under the heading of selling expense. selling expense included various other heads like advertisement expense, distribution expense, packing expense, octroi, sales tax, hidden profit, cost of product etc etc. while distribution expense is the expense occured by the producer of the goods in the form of transportation cost barred by him for making the goods reach the retailers, wholesellers or directly to the godown or factory outlet.

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What expenses are included in selling and distribution expenses?

sales commission

What is the difference between selling expenses and administrative expenses?

Expenses which are incurred for the selling of product is called Selling Expenses while expenses incurred on administration of general day to day tasks are called administration expenses

Example of operational audit?

purchase, marketing, selling and distribution expenses, production

What does indirect expenses mean?

Indirect Expenses are those expenses which are incurred after the manufacturing process is over, e.g. selling and distribution expenses, all the administrative expenses, carraige outward, advertisement expenses because they are related indirectlt with the product manufacturing and sales.

What is meant by selling expenses?

Selling Expenses are the expenses directly related to producing sales. Typical Selling Expenses would be Advertising and Salesman's Commissions.

What is the difference between selling expenses and general expenses?

Selling expenses are those expenses which incurred to selling of services and goods for example market research, sales man salary, and advertising. And other hand general expenses are those expenses which incurred general base in production for example interest charge, services charges, wages and rent are included.

How do you journalize accrued selling expenses?

[Debit] Selling Expenses [Credit Selling expense payable

What expenses come under selling and distribution expenses?

discount allowed, advertising, commission allowed , carriage outward, interest allowed , repairs bad debts, loss on sale of assest.

Is preliminary expenses is a administrative expenses or selling expenses?

Preliminary expenses are neither administrative expenses nor selling expenses rather these are classified as other assets in balance sheet and amortized over period of life of business.

What are the differences between public relations and personal selling?

ire2search db ...

What are the different types of selling expenses?

it is the FIXED and VARIABLE it is the FIXED and VARIABLE expenses only not selling expenses.JOKE.this is a GUESS.haha

Is advertising charges are included in the selling price?

No advertisement expenses are not included in selling price because selling expenses are not part of product cost rather these are period cost.

What is the difference between trafficing and distribution of marijuana?

i believe trafficing of marijuana is when you get caught bringing it from one place to another, and distribution is the act of actually selling it.

What is the differences between a partnership and a closed corporation?

There are four main differences between a partnership and a corporation. Those differences are how liability is distributed, how taxes are assessed, the flexibility of running and selling the business, and how it raises capital.

Is depreciation of sales office equipment a selling expense?

The Sales Office is in charge of the selling of valuables of an entity. Thus, all expenses related to this office is debited to selling expenses. Furthermore, depreciation is a form of expense, and deserves a different account, but since it is related to the sales office, it is debited to selling expenses. Yes, it is a selling expense.

Does rent expense go under selling or general and administrative expenses?

administrative expenses;

Expenses that are incurred directly or entirely in connection with the sale of merchandise are classified as?

Selling Expenses

What is the formula of net incomes?

Gross profit - adminstrative expenses - markiting and selling expenses

What does pharmaceuticals do?

selling or distribution of medicines

Are selling expenses fixed or variable cost?

selling expenses is a mixed costs. it is a mixture of both fixed and variable components. for example, in selling expenses in a retail shop; fixed costs are the employees salary. while variable cost will be their commission or bonus of the sale.

What is direct selling?

face-to-face distribution of products or door-to-door selling

Is store supplies expense a selling or general and administrative expense?

It is a selling expense to be accounted for on the Income Statement under Selling Expenses.

What is the differences between tesco and oxfam?

Tesco is a commercail company running supermarkets and selling food. Oxfam is a charity.

Are utility expenses a selling or administrative expense?

an Administrative expense

What is difference between gross profit and net profit?

gross profit is the the total amount you get after selling an item before you subtract the total expenses or costs uncured. net profit is the gross profit minus expenses.