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In the virtual Circuit switching approach their is no dedicated resource allocation at the time setting up a connection between source and the receiver.

In Circuit Switching a physical path is dedicated at the time of setting up connection between source and receiver.

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Difference between data gram switching and virtual circuit switching?

In data gram approach routing path is not fixed whereas in virtual circuit it is fixed. in data gram all packet don't follow the same path but in virtual circuit switching all packet move from the same path

What is the difference between b-isdn and n-isdn?

B-ISDN is a circuit switching process. The N-ISDN is a virtual switching process (packets). ISDN stands for Integrated Service Digital Network.

ATM use virtual circuit packet switching?

ATM use cell switching. it use a 52 by long packet where 48 byte is data and 4 byte is header.

What is difference between circuit switching and packet switching network with table format?

Circuit switching networks create virtual circuits from point A to point B, then switch all packets for that communication along the same route. In packet switching networks, each packet is delivered individually on its own path according the current routing tables, which allows packets to be delivered when a router is down. The packet switch cannot ensure packet order, however.

What term is used to describe two computers acting as if there is a dedicated circuit between them even though there is not?

Virtual Circuit

What is the Difference between datagram and virtual circuit switching?

Virtual Circuit Packet Switching 1. Virtual circuits allow packets to contains circuit number instead of full destination address so less router memory and bandwidth require. Thus cost wise it is cheaper. 2. Virtual circuit requires a setup phase, which takes time and consume resources. 3. In virtual circuit, router just uses the circuit number to index into a table to find out where the packet goes. 4. Virtual circuit has some advantages in avoiding congestion within the subnet Because resources can be reserved in advance, when the connection is established. 5. Virtual circuit have some problem. It a router crashes and loses its memory, even it come back up a second later, all the virtual circuits passing through it will have to be aborted. 6. The loss fault on communication line vanishes the virtual circuits. 7. In virtual circuit a fixed path is used during transmission so traffic throughout the subnet can not balanced. It cause congestion problem. 8. A virtual circuit is a implementation of connection oriented service. Datagram Packet Switching 1. Datagram circuits allow packets to contains full address instead of circuit number so each packet has significant amount of overhead, and hence wasted band width. Thus it is costly. 2. Datagram circuit does not require setup phase , so no resources are consumed. 3. In datagram circuit, a more complicated procedure is required to determine where the packet goes. 4. In a datagram subnet, congestion avoidance is more difficult. 5. In datagram circuit if a router goes down only those user whose packets were queued up in the router at the time will suffer. 6. The loss or fault on communication line can be easily compensated in datagram circuits. 7. Datagram allow the router to balance the traffic throughout the subnet, since router can be changed halfway through a connection.

What is virtual switching?

The Virtual Switching is a technology allowing multiple switching functions to happen in one physical device or single functional switching to happen in multiple physical devices across network, while in the situation of a real switch, switching is conducted in one physical switch. Virtual switching technology enables a single switch to be used for many different applications. Each different function may have its own discrete performance and security controls. Using virtual switching technology, Service providers can create a dynamic service mix, as desired, without requiring new hardware and enabling the gradual evolution to include new services or a common control plane. Virtual switching is a core concept in the Multiservice network switching architecture.

Differentiate SVC'S and PVC's?

Difference between a PVC-Permanent Virtual Circuit and SVC-Switched Virtual Circuit is that an SVC must be reestablished each time data is to be sent. After that SVC disappears.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of various wan technologies?

Big question. Let's see if I can kick this off by listing some...Point to Point LinksSwitched LinksCircuit SwitchingPacket SwitchingVirtual CircuitsWAN DialupWiFi HP

What is the Difference between datagram subnet and virtual circuit subnet?

ISSUE Datagram subnet Virtual circuit CIRCUIT SETUP:: not required required ADDRESSINg each packet contains the full each packet contains source and destination addresses a short VC number

What is circuit switching network?

In telecommunications, a circuit switching network is one that establishes a circuit (or channel) between nodes and terminals before the users may communicate, as if the nodes were physically connected with an electrical circuit. The bit delay is constant during a connection, as opposed to packet switching, where packet queues may cause varying packet transfer delay. Each circuit cannot be used by other callers until the circuit is released and a new connection is set up. Even if no actual communication is taking place in a dedicated circuit that channel remains unavailable to other users. Channels that are available for new calls to be set up are said to be idle. Virtual circuit switching is a packet switching technology that may emulate circuit switching, in the sense that the connection is established before any packets are transferred, and that packets are delivered in order. There is a common misunderstanding that circuit switching is used only for connecting voice circuits (analog or digital). The concept of a dedicated path persisting between two communicating parties or nodes can be extended to signal content other than voice. Its advantage is that it provides for non-stop transfer without requiring packets and without most of the overhead traffic usually needed, making maximal and optimal use of available bandwidth for that communication. The disadvantage of inflexibility tends to reserve it for specialized applications, particularly with the overwhelming proliferation of internet-related technology.

Which layer of the OSI model creates a virtual circuit between hosts?

layer 4 - transport layer

What are connections between network nodes that although based on potentially disparate physical links?

Virtual Circuit

Differences between virtual memory and cache memory?

cache is temporary while main memory is permanent

What layer creates a virtual circuit before transmitting between two end stations?

Layer 4 transport

What is created between two DTEs in a frame relay network?

Virtual Circuit is Created. Each circuit is known by its DLCI. i.e. Data Link Connection Identifier.

Differences between software and hardware?

Software is virtual, you can see it on your screen, hardware is actually hard, you can touch it you can feel it.

When you have multiple circuits connected to a site the entire circuit is known as a what?

virtual circuit

Full form of vpi and vci in networking?

virtual path identifier and virtual circuit identifier

What is the vc number?

The answer depends on what exactly you mean by VC: virtual channel, virtual circuit or something else.

How is the command line access in Linux?

By invoking a terminal emulator or switching to one of the virtual terminals.

What is the maximum number of virtual ciruits that can be carried over a link if the virtual circuit is a 16 bit field?

2^16 = 65536 virtual circuits

What are the differences between cyberspace and real space?

Cyberspace is virtual intangible world which is now maybe even bigger than the real world !

What is datagram packet?

Datagram is a packet which contains destonation address in it(complusorily) datagram network means connection-less network..i.e packets are forwarded with out establishing a circuit like in virtual circuit switching networks. Refer to : A.s Tanenbaum COmputer networks(can be downloaded from Computer networks by Larry L Peterson

Difference between datagram and virtual circuit operation?

Datagram network mainly implies on network layers.Virtual network imply on data link layer.

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